To walk (slowly) with a limp, gimp, or other physical problem.
That bitch hobbles all over the hood.
by Ol Hobble-along August 31, 2009
Top Definition
When a 2 by 4 is placed between a moronic douche bags ankles, and then a sledgehammer (in your case one wrapped in barbwire) is used to hit, and crush the bond between your foot and ankle so that you can never walk again and are caused extreme agony. For a better depiction see the movie Misery with Kathy Bates.
One time this bitch tried to steal my man so I took her out back and hobbled her. Now crippy can't get play.
by BadBlondie September 26, 2007
A group of elderly people.
A hobble just walked into the souvenir spoon store.
by Jason Bee June 13, 2016
1. Candie.
2. One who is a huge slute.
3. One who falls down and injures herself in an idiotic way.
4. One who smells of cad.
Hobbles is a hosebeast.
Wow, that Hobbles is a slute.
by Sanderson March 06, 2005
1) to take a baseball bat to someboyd's knees
That shithead fucked up my drug deal, imma hobble him.
by bunny xu May 14, 2007
to act skanky in an efficient manner. Lyrics from Bobblehead, by D4L
A bobble aint bad.... a bobble's something good..... a bobble makes you hobble when you walking through the hood.... A bobble make you tell yo niggas' they misunderstood.... cause everything she do for you is oh so very good!
by Nahoje Wayne June 15, 2006
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