A whore that like sex all day long. The Ho Bag's vagina is very loose.
Damn, that Ho Bag's vagina is looser than Joe's asshole!
by Andy September 01, 2004
An affectionate term for the models who parade around in their lingerie and raise hell with the Trashy Girls. www.trashygirls.com
Hurry up and get those fishnets on "ho-bag", we got a show to do in 5 minutes!!
by cherryl hanson April 07, 2004
1. A person (often a female) who does something or acts in a way that is so obviously annoying that not calling it out would be a crime.

2. Someone you disagree with. A person who listens to the Jonas Brothers while on a road trip with people who actually have good taste in music.

3. A proclomation of something terrible, i.e "ho-bag! i just dropped my ice cream!" When in the presence of small children, synonyms such as CRAYON-bag, MARKER-bag or HORTON-HEARS-A-WHO-bag work just as well (the latter is a personal favorite)
Friend 1: "He kept hugging his ex at this concert we went to."

Friend 2: "Did he like it?"

Friend 1: "I dont think so. She was just a ho-bag."
#ho #bag #skank #moron #slut #bitch
by SuperAunt3794 September 07, 2009
bagdy, a true ho-bag, defiled by joey
bagdy's, all of them and the girls they run with, also boschen's, members of the duck family, and all those in cohorts with us
by alana April 09, 2005
a group of horney sluts,
dude, i just fucked 9 ho bags
by screwster May 11, 2005
a bag of weed that was cut short.
"damn johnny i just ho-bagged by that dealer"
#ho bag #ho bagged #weed #short #bag
by bounceatron April 21, 2006
Straight Ass Tramp (see slut, skank, ho)
'Damn dat bitch is a ho bag
by guymandood April 11, 2003
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