A sack filled with Ho's, or promiscuous women. Many fun things can be done with a Ho bag. You can kick it, hit it with a big stick, throw it into a river. Some beleive that if you get them too riled up they become very agitated. Maybe because they want money, or for some unknown crack reason. What ever it may be that you decide to do with a sack of crack bitches. It's always a good idea to bring a Ho bag to any social gathering. You'll be the life of the party.
(Friend 1)Hey, did you see that Ho bag that Marky mark and the funky bunch brought?

(Friend 2)Yeah! I think I'm gonna go throw some rattle snakes into it, and than kick it for a while. You wanna join in?

(Friend 1)DO I!!?
by The Minister January 05, 2006
a whore or a girl who acts slutty. a girl with a bitchy attitude.
My mom is such a ho-bag.
by nerm November 18, 2003
A dirty or slutty whore. Somebody who has a family and still acts as a prostitute.
Person #1: Dane Derouin is a HoBag because he is a prostitute and still has a family of other sluts!
Person #2: If his whole family is prostitutes as well than isn't his whole family HoBags!??!?!?!?
Person #1: Your right!
by 9289515257 April 25, 2011
While commonly associated with a promiscuous woman, in all actuality, a "ho bag" is an overnight bag with a change of underwear and personal hygiene items for freshening up after a one night stand.
"Dude!! I'm about to take that skank home and knock the bottom out of that! Good thing I got my ho bag in the trunk."
by gs31322 February 10, 2010
A hobo that is douche bag, a whore, and a diabetic.
Man, Ryan is SUCH a ho bag!

(While playing broken telephone) "It ended as… Ryan is a ho bag!"
by ryan is a ho bag January 14, 2015
A bag filled with hookers/ Lindsay Lohans. A person who is a loser or whore
"Gosh that girl is such a ho bag!"
by JennaMarblesFan December 18, 2011
A group of prostitutes in 1 house, apartment etc. at one time.
I walked into My friend's house and found a Ho Bag.
by ShitTalk December 30, 2010

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