Realy it means everything under the sun exept no. It is used it times of modivation (or pretend motivation) or a sign of understanding. and its an Army thing.
by Rockwall June 30, 2010
Top Definition
Technically this word can mean anything, hoah is primarily used in Army. Marines use hoorah. hoah is a word that can only be interpreted by the tone of voice and body language.
for example
1st "NCO-soldiers were getting a day Soldiers- Hoah!!!!" that was good version of hoah
2nd "NCO- hey private mop the floor Private- Hoah"
by 1st cav December 14, 2007
military version of "fucking A". Used to show exclamation, afirmation (or to ask for such, see example), etc. ONLY SOUNDS GOOD WITHIN A MILITARY ENVIRONMENT. Do not use during media interviews or amongst civilians.
Drill Sgt: "Alright, you pieces of shit! At my command I want you to form a small poddle out of your own saliva and then pick it up, and put it in your side pockets, hoah?"

Soldiers in unison: "HOAAAAH, DRILL SGT!"
by dominikandemon May 13, 2003
Cantonese for "that's good", but sarcastically meaning "whatever", "Do I care"
1st guy: Do you know that I got laid last night?
2nd guy: Ho ah.
by Ng Suen Lun October 16, 2011
Pronunciation: hoe-AH (raise voice with second syllable)
Origin: Rez talk
Definition: An all-purpose exclamation used primarily by Native Americans in Northern Minnesota to convey surprise, excitement, disdain, or approval.
Native 1: Aw, you wanna go steal some Pontiacs and drink orange pop tonight?
Native 2: Not even, ya sav!
Native 1: Ho-ah! Get off me!
by Chief Squatting Dawg June 09, 2006
Used to express amazement, joy, excitement, anticipation, etc. Usually said in a long exhaled "breathy" manner.
"David: She has boobs."
"Mike: HOAH!"


"Hoah! We have a T-Rex!"
by DavidGee October 01, 2007
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