A website containing pictures of girls that dress sluty but still have their clothes on.
Antonio: What the fuck r u doing?!
Drew: Chill, I'm on Hofosho. They have shirts on!
Antonio: That's it! (cold cocked on the head)
by Dhawk June 09, 2007
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When you are quite certain a woman is of whorish descent.
Yo! Dat bitch is a Ho Fo Sho
by Stephanie MacDonald June 07, 2006
One answer to the question, "Is that person a whore". Meaning "ho for sure".
Frank: Is Debbie a whore?

Mike: She's a hofosho.
by Batost March 11, 2008
When your certain someone is a ho as most call it.

Will fuck anything with a pulse.
Azra: *fucks lamp*

Selma: Azra,your such a ho fo sho.

Azra: *continues to fuck lamp*


Azra: *proceeds to fuck lamp*
by BAMitsSELMA July 27, 2009
girl who doesnt know how to make people laugh
"Nat, you're a hofosho and you're really not funny"
by Natalosh March 13, 2008
a person of the female persuasion (ie, having the genaitlia of a woman) who engages in radom acts of sex and/or sexual favors with multitudes of men of varying ages and ethnicities for certain
Barbara: Mary really gets around with the fellas...
Henry: Yea, shes a ho fo' sho!
by Elizabetth Ann May 05, 2007
A woman who likes to get completely hammered at the bar and is willing to go home with any guy!
Hey look at that chick doing shots over there, shes a hofosho!
by Berg04 December 29, 2006

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