a whore with more attitude that is really slutty and will do anything for you
motherfucker i gave that ho a Cincinnati bowie and she took it
by jiggyflowa April 18, 2009
A Half-Ounce of drugs
"Hey yo can I get a HO?"
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
A female or male sort of person that fucks inappropriately amounts of times.
The cast of Jersey Shore.
by ummmmmm...your mom August 03, 2011
A word used by someone too lazy to pronounce the word Whore correctly. Mainly a word of Ebonics.
Look at dat, Quanesha, that Ho's walkin' my street corner! I'll snatch her nappy hoin'-ass bald!
by craxd December 05, 2010
Noun-A ho is a woman who gets paid for her services.
Hos get paid. Sluts don't.
by SadEyes83 September 02, 2010
Individual that gets paid for sexual favors otherwise known as a prostitute.
I wonder how much that ho charges for a blow job?
by onink January 07, 2010
Someone who is a prostitute, with a saggy vagina. They are owned by a pimp.
Do you see the pimp, heidi.?

Yeah she's with her ho, oscar.

by ladycock May 25, 2009

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