The way a complete dumb fuck says Hos.
Hey dood! Two mny hoes r on my dik rght now!
by A boss. July 26, 2011
Something Samantha has
*scrolls through Samantha's phone and sees hella unsaved numbers*
Me: who are these people?
Her: my hoes
by Badkid310 March 01, 2015
noun: a pimp's booty

1. a person (male or female) who has been claimed and is now the pimp's object. a ho must do everything it's pimp commands. especially if it's embarrassing.

2. good pimps can have lots of hos. he/she can grab any ass they want.

3. traditionally used for sex, but they're also great for mooching erasers and cheese crackers off of, posse power, footrests, and brainstorming snappy one-liners.

4. a loving nickname.

don't confuse with bitch, which is much more intimate and deep, or hoe, which is a gardening tool. unless you want to say "dirty hoe".
(1) "Get me a Coke ho, and make it snappy."

(2) "This is a great party, I already own all those guys over there."

(3) Snoop Dogg uses his hoz to stand around looking hot and count his money.

(4) "Sup, ho? You look good today."
by zamme March 31, 2009
an abbreviation for hold on
cutegirl101-can u h.o. 4 like 1 sec??
(in a chatroom)
by hvjvfhj,hcyhvcjlvchyk July 25, 2008
What the Jolly Green Giant & Santa Claus like to sing about.

Ho Ho Ho!
Related to:
The Seven (7) Dwarves (High Ho!)
by Funkavenger August 13, 2009
One rung below whore on the social ladder.
We don't love dem hoes!
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
Nothing better then being a Ho! Especially a dirty one. You can be a Ho in the garden, or better yet on a corner. It's your choice really. So keep on Ho'in,
Also, a term used by most dumb teenagers used to describe girls who engage in sexual conduct.
I'm a dirty Ho!
by Ho's August 11, 2014

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