The way a complete dumb fuck says Hos.
Hey dood! Two mny hoes r on my dik rght now!
by A boss. July 26, 2011
an abbreviation for hold on
cutegirl101-can u h.o. 4 like 1 sec??
(in a chatroom)
by hvjvfhj,hcyhvcjlvchyk July 25, 2008
One rung below whore on the social ladder.
We don't love dem hoes!
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
Honest Opinion.
People do this on facebook when they say they are bored. If you are also bored, you will like it. You will wait in anticipation but be bitterly disappointed when they write 'Unrale sound' because they couldn't give a shit about you.
FB- 'Like for a H'O'
by Icouldn'tgiveashit January 03, 2012
a skank slut that doesn't know who her kid's daddy is and tries to get other women's men caught up in her shit.
Ho: Jadea Hume
by patronsaintofvindiction February 19, 2010
What the Jolly Green Giant & Santa Claus like to sing about.

Ho Ho Ho!
Related to:
The Seven (7) Dwarves (High Ho!)
by Funkavenger August 13, 2009
Someone who is a prostitute, with a saggy vagina. They are owned by a pimp.
Do you see the pimp, heidi.?

Yeah she's with her ho, oscar.

by ladycock May 25, 2009

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