they way u called ur ex gf
hey look dat used 2 b my ho
by XXXyour momXXX April 10, 2008
A bitch.
My mother grounded me, what a ho!
by Noah McKelvie July 07, 2003
1. Heavily . Ominous . Ever-present . Sluts

2. Prostitutes with no monetary focus

- Why would I focus on hoes when I could be making money?

- You will never better yourself if you continue to chase these hoes.
by Morris Bustnut August 07, 2008
1: Used to describe a female, either to say she is as fine as hell or to insult.
2: Used to describe a total wimp or downright friggin' annoying mutha trucker.
3:...Something you use to loosen the dirt in your yard for planting, well... plants.
1: Man, I banged up those hoes REAL good.
2: Stop naggin' me, hoes! I'm SICK of yo asses!
3: Yeah... I'm grounded so I have to do yardwork with these hoes. Wanna help?
by Danni. (Yes, I'm a girl...) May 08, 2007
a person who might entertain you for a price you discuss behind a curtain
oh and its also what the biggest influencial person to children says all the talkin bout santa
ho ho ho where the hoes at?
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
another term for a female
Tell that ho over there to hit me up.
by ZDavey April 30, 2009
Abreviation Used in internet language meaning Hold on
Guy:"Hey can you tell what was todays homework?"
Guy: "ok"
by Keanu!!!! November 11, 2007

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