Meaning 1:
A gutteral laugh such like used by Santa Claus.

Meaning 2:
A shortening of the word hoe - a farm implement.

Meaning 3:
A mispronunciation of the word whore originating with Negroid Americans and quickly spreading worldwide through widespread use in US television and cinema.
1. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
2. Help me hoe the field.
3. Either that poor guy has a speech impediment and can't pronounce "whore" or he thinks his mother is a farm implement.
by Coldrick December 08, 2008
ho is the most indescriptable word , and should not be used because its dumb
shut your fucking mouth, ho
by orielah February 25, 2005
Bad term describing black women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team with tatoos and afro-like curly hair, used on radio to make you loose your job if you're a moron basketball radio host using these terms.
- Don Imus (thinking: Today is a great day to loose my job!!) marveling at the tatoos on some of the Rutgers players (Gasp! Women with big tatoos!),
- Someone off-camera shouts: "...some hardcore hoes."
- Don Imus follows with: "That's some nappy-headed hoes there, I'm gonna tell you that now!"(then, loose my job)
by Silvain X April 22, 2007
A girl or boy who fucks everybody that they see and dont care what they look like or what they have mostly girls.
You know that hoe fixing to go fuck somebody.
by Alisa November 19, 2003
a woman or man in some cases that sleep around with a lot of people so they probably have every std known to man and it looks like they have satan spawning in their vagina..
anna nicole smith is a ho
by dctb September 20, 2005
A woman/man who f*cks everyone. Important distinction: a "ho" is not a bitch. A ho will f*ck anyone. A bitch will fuck anyone but you. Unless that bitch is a gay man. In which case the terms are used identically.
My name's Easy E, I got bitches galore/
You may have a lot of bitches but I have much more.
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
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