A male or female who creeps around with anyone who has 2 legs and dick or pussy. Or anyone dumb enough tah have sex 4 money and then give it to dey pimp daddy.
Cameryn and Johnny.... ha ha just playin.

Ho betta have my money
by Juicy August 05, 2004
man who doesn't know what the fuck he wants,therefor sleeping with every thing that moves on 2 legs and sometimes 4.
mathieu is a big ho
by jib January 19, 2004
a sexually liberated female; a derogatory term used by males to describe a female who is comfortable with her sexuality and willing to satisfy her sexual needs; usually a female that cannot be expected to have sex with just one person; a female who doesn't give a damn about what others think of her!
Marrisa is such a ho. She has slept with him and his cousin.
by Anonymous ho... May 14, 2006
A word made up by niggers who have no grasp of the English language. Since they cannot pronounce "whore", they must use this word. It can be used in nearly any context, but it usually refers to some fat sloppy nigger lady with a huge ass and ten kids.
1- Dat ho be fine, yo!
Trans: That fat sloppy nigger lady with ten kids that is eating Doritos has a fat ass and I would like to be the illegitimate father of her next child!
by Sam June 01, 2005
Things Avyanie has
"Oh Avyanie? Yeah she got hella hoes."
by veravanhunt May 14, 2015

Having organized set of groupies that find you pleasing due to physical assets of the body and face.
Having options to a one night stand.
Set of attractive humans men/woman who find you to their liking.
Where the hoes at?
by Bigdawg41balla4eva April 24, 2015
a female that physically dances on a metal pole
Going to the club to check out the new hoes
by Pimpdaddy12456 March 27, 2015

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