Acronym: Hand-jobs Optional
The Ho is here with me, for a price.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
Stands for half-ounce, usually in reference to narcotics.
I just picked up a ho of some really good schwag.
by bpeen July 10, 2008
'Gangsta' slang: one's own mother.
That bitch be my ho!!
by Arthur September 14, 2003
A gardening tool which is used to mixing in soil.
"I'm gonna cruise and pick me up some hos"
by fantastic_357 August 17, 2005
1) any female
2) any dude that carries himself like a female
3) a snitch
"come over here ho"

"we hangin out with jimmy, you wanna come thru?"
"jimmy? i hate him. he's a ho"

"you know lou is the one that went to the authorities?"
"word, i knew he was a ho"
by mickeymousekilla February 23, 2008
means hello.....hi....hey.....etc
- ho man watup

-hohoho hows it goin?
by ppppppppppppppppppppppp August 28, 2005
hardcore operatives
by D3Railur February 10, 2003

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