any asian male which is 6 foot tall and raised in a white neighbourhood who likes emo music and has an asian friend with a white name, like Thomas
yo man, yesterday i was at this party, dere were like 100 Ho's, i wanted to kill myself
by blemosi0 May 07, 2007
To go/move.
Reeto, lets ho our asses.
Lets ho!
by Rowan December 12, 2003
A person who sells ones self in a sexual* manner.

*could mean anything
by ho appeal September 08, 2003
a very insulting word that girls hate to be called but yet guys do anyways it means that were lifewasters always having sex when we don't even know the person. it is an InSuLt!
GUY: look at that hO!!!

girl: what you callin me that 4 hUh? you don't have no right to talk !!!!
by amy January 15, 2004
1/2 gay = bisexual
1/2 homo = ho

A ho is a synonym for someone who is bisexual, or half gay.
Person 1: "do you prefer guys or girls?"
Person 2: "ohh I'm more in the middle."
Person 1: "haha! you're a ho!"
by sippy February 13, 2008
a guy's casual sex or pleasure partner, like the one on the side
yeh c tht gal she's my ho
by Graeme March 25, 2004
a dirty fat slag
You dirty ho
by lauren July 03, 2003

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