Erm... Ho The Define Word Which Means A Cum GuzzliiNg Gutter Slut..
For Example LollyBaby Is a Ho Aka Cum Guzzling Gutter Slut =] !
by Rican =] June 12, 2006
a general object or tangible thing
Hand me that ho.
I bought that ho the other day at the mall
by Stephanie Fowler April 25, 2007
emphasizing with excitment...Like saying "WOW".
Part of the pidgin language of HAWAII
"HO! Hows dat chick!! Mean Ah!"
(Wow! Look at that woman, shes hott)
by mahina September 16, 2006
Simple, It mean Yo momma.
"Yo momma a ho."
"Yo sista a ho too."
"You aint no pimp, yo momma jes a stank AZZ ho!"
by Doctor Slo September 12, 2006
Used to describe someone or something that is almost hot, but not quite.
"What do you think of that girl over there?"
"Eh, she's ho."
"Yeah...she has man-hands. And a penis."
by J. Perkins August 01, 2006
From the word whore; how the word sounds when used by people who have trouble with the letter R at the end of a word (examples: sure, "sho"; more, "mo"; for, "fo").
"That girl is such a ho."

"If you're going to use sexist names, could you at least pronounce them correctly?"
by Gahmuret July 22, 2006
vulgar word to say girl or woman
now you know why we call them hoes bitch - 2pac / wonder why they call you bitch
by ggggggggggggggggggg June 24, 2006

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