One of the After Hours teletubbies. If you haven't seen the picture, type in "after hours teletubbies" on yahoo image search
Ho raped Vanity Smurf last night.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl February 09, 2004
The thing the fat jolly man in the red suit says.
Ho ho ho!
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
Verb-to act like a ho
also, to treat like a ho, or to ignore, similar to "to whore"
"Keith, is that you're mom our hoin' on the corner?"
" I can't believe he hoed her like that."
by Curtis January 14, 2003
1. same meaning as "Cartman's mom".
2. the sound that Santa makes when he sees Cartman's mom or some other prostitute
1. putting your dick in a hoe is the same as putting it through a window
2. Santa saw a wanker ans said: "Guess what i see? Ho, Ho, Ho!"
by Luusns January 03, 2005
>Slut, whore
>Stupid Person
She is suuuch a ho!

Back off, ho.
by G$ July 10, 2002
the ability to "hold" a piece (handgun) in your hoo-hoo. Truly--heard this definition during an interview with NY's biggest heroine dealer in the 70s who's in the witness protection program and promoting his book. When they got pulled over by the police they would slide the weapon over for the girls to hide up there so it wouldn't be found during pat down. He said the women practiced doing it quickly and securely. He laughed at all of us "white kids" who think it stands for "whore".
Ho it, here come the cops.
by stylecoach June 26, 2007
From the word whore; how the word sounds when used by people who have trouble with the letter R at the end of a word (examples: sure, "sho"; more, "mo"; for, "fo").
"That girl is such a ho."

"If you're going to use sexist names, could you at least pronounce them correctly?"
by Gahmuret July 22, 2006

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