An uncommon acronym used for "hold on".
Guy: HO, I'll just be a second...
Girl: WTF? CALL ME A HOE?!? You're WAYYY out of line!!
Guy: NO, no no no!! It stands for "hold on"!
Girl: oh. lol
by Synoryth January 11, 2009
like in 40 year old virgin...shes a ho...for sho

also commonly called whore skank bitch hoe
shes a ho...for sho ally is such a ho
by joemamas November 08, 2007
A common slang term used by Ultimate Frisbee players. It means to dive, or layout.
Kevn just went ho for the sickest layout defense I have ever seen.
by Kevn June 06, 2006
Meaning now or right away. to give
to recive promptly.
Give me my sword HO.
by Anthony Zizza April 22, 2005
A corruption of "whore" created by blacks who can't speak English properly.
Black: She a ho!
by anonymous11145785336 August 29, 2009
"Habitual Offender" Used by police. For someone that continuously is charged and convicted of a crime or crimes.
Most likely where the use originated from, when referencing Hookers, Prostitutes and Whores.
You should move to Nevada and work in brothel, where whores are legal. Then you wouldn't be such a ho, at least for that!
by demanor April 10, 2007
one of the variety of bleach blonde, annorexic, abercrombie wearing, sluts that attends such schools: second baptist, memorial high school, or stratford
hey, that nicole sure is a ho, you can see her thong from third floor aqua!

yeah who is she sleeping with this week?
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