The girl(s) that kicked you to the curb after screwing your brains out.
I miss that ho.
Omg! I miss that ho
I can't live with out that ho.
Hey, what's your name?
by city dog October 18, 2009
a way of making a word seem really kick ass.
HO jesus!
HO shit!
HO sex!
by Bryson ley June 01, 2007
Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English.

1. interj. An exclamation. Wow.
Ho brah, dat chick wen spahk me!
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
An uncommon acronym used for "hold on".
Guy: HO, I'll just be a second...
Girl: WTF? CALL ME A HOE?!? You're WAYYY out of line!!
Guy: NO, no no no!! It stands for "hold on"!
Girl: oh. lol
by Synoryth January 11, 2009
like in 40 year old virgin...shes a ho...for sho

also commonly called whore skank bitch hoe
shes a ho...for sho ally is such a ho
by joemamas November 08, 2007
A common slang term used by Ultimate Frisbee players. It means to dive, or layout.
Kevn just went ho for the sickest layout defense I have ever seen.
by Kevn June 06, 2006
a woman who like to fuck,sometimes for money,a chickenhead,yo mama after i fucked her last nite
I fucked yo mama last nite,for somebody her age that ho is a freak!!
by Jayjay 69420 June 05, 2006

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