(n) pl. hoes - contraction of whore

(interj) - an outcry, exclamation
You look like a cheap ho with all that makeup on.
Shanika cried "Ho!" as she ran for the bus.
by BlackGoddess December 11, 2003
Willy taker / takes the dick /likes the cock
That bitch is a willy taken jasper lover
by no soup for you May 19, 2003
misspelled word for hoe. Only dumbasses spell it ho.
Ho-what santa says
Hoe-a slutty,skanky-ass,whore
wrong: "Dude that chics a skanky-ass Ho!"
right: "Dude that chic's a skanky-ass hoe!"
by Briefghjk June 22, 2012
An expression usually you used when you basically have nothing else to say or to express understanding of the other persons feelings without saying much but showing sympathy.
Commonly used instead of hmm oh okay or alright
Pronounced as ho ( usually used in an indian accent )
person 1 : My cat died today
person 2 : Ho damn ..

person 1 : Do you wanna go rowboating today ?
person 2 : Ho .. i donno if i do ..

Person 1 : i cant believe she did this to me !!
person 2 : Ho its okay . shit happens dude .
by sheena2010 November 28, 2010
a slapper of wo-man
man: yo ho' get ya pants down gal
by rebecca January 03, 2004
A phrase usually said three times by Santa Claus/Father Christmas.
"Ho ho ho merry Chrsitmas"
"Ho ho ho come and sit on Santa's lap little vulnerable child"
by Jeff24 July 10, 2003
A term of endearment used between close friends and siblings with an excellent sense of humor.
"Hey, ho!";
"Thanks for the pep talk Sam; you're a real ho!";
"Josh, I got yo' back; you ' my ho!"
by samsbestie November 22, 2011

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