A way of pronouncing the word "whore". Just like "floor" can be pronounced "flo", and "hardcore" can be pronounced "hardco", and "door" can be pronounced "doe".
English teacher: "How do you spell 'whore'?"
Student: "W-H-O-R-E"
English teacher: "And how do you pronounce 'whore'?"
Student: "Ho."
by whodey June 15, 2004
Biggest part of Santa's seasonal schedual
"spring: ho
summer: ho
fall: ho
Winter: Merry XXX-mas"
by 2520dude December 12, 2012
a promisuous female who leads males to beleive she wants an intimate relationship, while pursuing other males for sexual/ intimate relations.
that ho played me.
by Ivysaurus March 25, 2011
The current us of the word 'ho' as referring to a woman of easy virtue is just a temporary fad. It will always be used as santa clause's 'ho-ho-ho', to denote a sailor's discovery of land as in 'land ho', and as the sound referring to a gardening implement.
"land ho!"
by puydnoesm April 10, 2010
1: A tool for gardening outside.
2: A tool for gardening inside.
Bob : Pass me the ho, mate.

Bill : Five for minutes. I'm not quite done yet.
by Breasticlez October 19, 2009
A vietnamese lastname originated from China shared by the ruler and City formerly Saigon, Ho Chi Minh.
Chinese Variations: He (Mandarin) Hu (Cantonese).

Its not only whore and garden tools.
That girl is from Vietnam. Her lastname is Ho.

Ho Chi Minh is an awesome City to visit.
by MindaLinhXd June 06, 2009
a really cool person. also known as rare american ho. get's attention.
"Wow look at Emily that ho."
"Haley's such a ho! I love her!"
by gear13 May 04, 2009
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