When Santa Clause see your mom and sister, and call them a ho because they're in bed
Your a ho
by LiveOnTheEdgee May 24, 2016
a female that physically dances on a metal pole
Going to the club to check out the new hoes
by Pimpdaddy12456 March 27, 2015
Nothing better then being a Ho! Especially a dirty one. You can be a Ho in the garden, or better yet on a corner. It's your choice really. So keep on Ho'in,
Also, a term used by most dumb teenagers used to describe girls who engage in sexual conduct.
I'm a dirty Ho!
by Ho's August 11, 2014
Honest Opinion.
People do this on facebook when they say they are bored. If you are also bored, you will like it. You will wait in anticipation but be bitterly disappointed when they write 'Unrale sound' because they couldn't give a shit about you.
FB- 'Like for a H'O'
by Icouldn'tgiveashit January 03, 2012
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