A Half-Ounce of drugs
"Hey yo can I get a HO?"
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
An asian last name quite respectable. Often the butt of many jokes
Friend *mocking*:Hey ho!
by 3L173H4CK3R February 13, 2011
a skank slut that doesn't know who her kid's daddy is and tries to get other women's men caught up in her shit.
Ho: Jadea Hume
by patronsaintofvindiction February 19, 2010
Someone who is a prostitute, with a saggy vagina. They are owned by a pimp.
Do you see the pimp, heidi.?

Yeah she's with her ho, oscar.

by ladycock May 25, 2009
a whore with more attitude that is really slutty and will do anything for you
motherfucker i gave that ho a Cincinnati bowie and she took it
by jiggyflowa April 18, 2009
The correct way to spell "hoe"
Hoe is the way to spell a gardening tool.
Ho is a girl that likes to mess around with
guy's dicks.
That girl is such a ho. She's fucked more than half the people i know !
by abbeysabeast March 07, 2009
slang term for hot girls who are sluts
She just had sex with 8 guys...at the same time!, what a ho!
by Sergio April 05, 2005

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