A sarcastic and cynical way of responding to something that was originally intended to be humorous. It is often best used when targeting a single person with a large group of friends backing you.
Zack: Dude, what if I had a really HOT girlfriend?

Adam: Dude, you know what would be even better? A MILLION dollars! HOHOHO!

by TheCaptainsCrew July 23, 2011
Something Santa says when he sees your wife, daughter, and sister in the same room.
Santa: Hohoho! DAMN you're girls are fine
by me=beast March 17, 2010
1. Santa's most famous words

2. What you see when, three slutty girls walk by.

3. The wrong way to spell a garden tool
1. ho ho ho, Merry Chrismas!

2. Merry XXX-Mas, ho ho ho.

3. I said, get the ho ho ho !
by Desmond Shoals April 09, 2008
Something said when one needs to be perceived as jovial but when you are in actual fact pissed well and truly off.
Child: Oh look its Santa!
Santa: Ho-ho-ho!

Or as in the of the Jolly Green Giant.

Jolly Green Giant: I come from the valley and I stand for goodness.
Chorus (sings): Greeeeen Gi-ant.
Jolly Green Giant: Ho-ho-ho.
by Mark Brendans January 18, 2006
n. One who becomes promiscuous on an annual basis at the office Christmas party.
Dude 1: Gonna get lucky at the office Christmas party?

Dude 2: Dunno, who's gonna be there?

Dude 1: HOHOHO
by D'emon March 20, 2003
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