Little known Asian ethnic with a very huge population,on average one Hmong family will have at least 8 kids.Hmongs are not usually social with other ethnics including other Asians.Are often found in a group of other Hmongs.

Hmongs males:

Ghetto:The ones that try to wear the baggiest jeans,get into the biggest gang,broken English,and tries to fight everyone.

Korean:Clearly the ones who try to dress up,and attempts to dance like Koreans.Hair usually dyed and spiked to the maximum.

Hmong females:

Obsessed:Usually the one who tries to get with all the guys and gets overly obsessive.Gets very obsessive towards their partners within a week.Thinks about having kids and family way to early.

Powderface:This category fits majority of Hmong girls,at least 95% of the teenage population start using makeup everyday the second Middle school starts.The possibility of finding a Hmong girl without make up on is as high as the percentage of winning the lottery.

Intelligent:Intelligent Hmong girls are the ones who uses or rarely uses makeup,stays in school and has no worries about their love lives much.The ones who are social within and outside of their ethnic groups.

Tradition:Hmong tradition is to have as many kids,preferably boys,in the family.Girls are usually sold to the husband,no matter the ethnicity,if he is willing to marry her.Ranging from 3,000 USD to 13,000 USD depending on her education.Ex.Hmong girls without a HS Diploma would go for 3,000,Associates degree 5,000 and so on.
Boy:I love you
Hmong Girl: I love you too, you should finally meet my parents.
Boy: Okay...
Hmong Girl: Okay dinner with my family at 6 p.m.
*6 p.m.*
Hmong Girl's Parents: I see yous da won my daughter?
Boy: Yes sir, I love your daughter very much.
Hmong Girl's Parents: How much da moneys yous has?
Boy: Wait what? 27 dollars.
Hmong Girl's Parents: Das da so much money, you marry mie daughter rie nao.
by sladisx May 28, 2011
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