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Huck My Nuts
Guy 1- Man I would destroy you in COD.
Guy 2- You wish bro. I shred like there's no tomorrow.

Guy 1- Shut up man you wish. I shred as hard as my dick when I'm fuckin your mom.
Guy 2- Fuck you man. Hmn you fag. 1v1 me bro.
by Hiddenfear August 26, 2011
The sound uttered when one contemplates a particulary pleasant experience, especially on involving mind-blowing sex
"Hey...I think I can sneak away for a few days. We could forget about everything else and spend 3 days in bed. What do ya think?"

by hochullain April 07, 2010
Holy Monkey Nuts (usually expressed when there is an unexpected occurance)
HMN, that thing is huge!
by Glen Hotchkiss April 03, 2008