Head muhthuh fuhkuh in charge. To be used by someone who is not a bruvuh in place of HNIC so as not to get one's ass kicked or verbally abused or sued for something or other.
- So which one of us is gonna get to buy the last Luther Vandros CD from dis' bin, bitch?
- You duh HMFIC, y0.
- Das what I thought.
by y0 mama September 21, 2003
A person who has worked for a large corporation for more than a decade, is sick of the bullshit, and wants to try his/her hand at an entreprenurial adventure. Often seen doing the "Superiority Dance" within the first several weeks of entreprenurialship.
Mark Gootee is the HMFIC here! Not you, you schpeeen!
by Monocataledon March 03, 2005

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