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Hkangela; proununced: "h-can~gel~la". A termed used to refer to 'tumblr-famous' blogs throughout Tumblr. Coined from one of the most amazing, famous blogs on Tumblr itself. Ran by a young, cute, Asian girl from Hong Kong; hkangela is a blog containing a smorgasbord of thought provoking articles, pictures, and GIFs. This blog is simply irresistible and one of the very few "must follows" of Tumblr. Hkangela consists of so much yet seems to all tie together to form one of the best blogs in all of Tumblr, and dare I say, all of the cyber world itself.
John- "Wowww, that is THE most fascinating blog!"

Jill- "Duh. I mean, it IS 'hkangela'".
by felipe5792 October 27, 2012
hkangela is an amazing tumblrblog. she is the nicest person on tumblr, also she is very pretty. her blog is pure amazingness. like if two unicorns had buttsex hkangela would be the outcome.
-hey man have you heard of hkangela?
-fuck yeah she's my favorite!
by beach-bl0nd3s October 27, 2012
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