meaning hot as hell. off the hook. a person of popularity or great definition.
1)yo dat nigga is hizzled out!
2)yo he hot as hizzle.
3)dat nigga off the hizzle fa shizzle.
by Kalibungus January 21, 2004
get in da hizzle
meaning get in da house
let's get da party started in da hizzle
#hizzle #shizzle #nizzle #rizzle #shizznit
by Paige12 November 03, 2005
A common catch phrase used by DJ Scrizzle.
Its tha 1 n only dj scrizzle up in da muthafuckin hizzle tonizzle yall!
by djscrizzle November 27, 2003
a place where people party
"whats up in the hizzle"
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
A replacement word for "hell".
What the hizzle is wrong wit you. Hizzle no u aint taking me down with ur cracker ass!
by K*la December 28, 2004
hizzle meanz herre.
letz go up in hizzle 4 shizzle my nizzle
by Olivia February 29, 2004
its a sex move where you are boning your bird and just before you cum you knock her out with your fist and pull your cock out and finish it off in her face, when you've done this get a shaver and shave off your pubes and stick them on her face like a beard!
Its goo ma try it...
What you up to with your bird, man?
" I've got this great move called hizzle"
"Oh, I'll try it..."
by Sexmyster general June 16, 2004
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