noun: one hot cutey patootie
I wish I was a Hiva because they are so amazingly perfect!

I am so lucky to have a Hiva in my life.
by varta November 13, 2004
Top Definition
The sweetest, most beautiful, GORGEOUS girl w/an amazing heart of gold!!!
Aww she's so incredibly Hiva, I love her!
by Sahar November 09, 2004
the smartest and silliest baby ever. (boys name)
hiva and carmen gether ever!!!
by Carmen November 27, 2004
A hiva is a male diva. It is pronounced "Hee-Vah".
A friend of mine went to a Ryan Adams concert and someone requested "Summer of '69". This pissed Ryan off because he's Ryan Adams, not Bryan Adams. Still, instead of ignoring the request, he stopped the show, turned on the house lights at the venue and told the person who made the request to get the f--- out.

Ryan was being a hiva.

by Rosanna Cohen August 06, 2007
A gorgeous flower with a brain that far exceeds that of ugly hermaphrodites called theos.
The beautiful Hiva can kill solely with the power of her look.
by Starfucker November 10, 2004
A person, usually female who has had many sexual relations and possibly a STD. Derived from H-I-V.
I wouldnt fuck wit that hiva.
by theo March 08, 2004

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