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A person who was a member of the German Nazi Party and/or a follower of Adolf Hitler.

A person who expouses the ideas of Adolf Hitler.

(Colloquial) A member of a fascist or extremist orrganization.

(Pejorative) Someone who is characterized as fascist, extremist or oppressive.
The members of the White Aryan Resistance group are a bunch of Hitlerites.

According to the book "Brecht & Co.," Margrete Steffin described her lover and collaborator Bertolt Brecht as an "emotional Hitlerite."
by Tunmy AuGratin February 23, 2006
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1) People who admire Hitler.

2) People who are like Hitler.

3) G.W. Bush and his cronies
Average person: Argh I am so annoyed at that hitlerite, George Bush, for stuff. He's messed so much up.
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008

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