to speak to someone one likes in order to gain some form of sexual arousal
Man, he is so hitting on her.
by sj0r April 27, 2003
Hairy Inner Thigh, the act fo rubbing your sweaty thigh on someones face
Jon fell asleep so i rubbed my sweaty H.I.T. on his face
by Brian Dennehey January 21, 2007
To be shot. Usually causes pain, can lead to either death or severe bleeding
Im hit, Im hit!!!
He's hit, we need a medic NOW!!!
by Corporal October 25, 2006
to hit replaces a variety of verbs words such as "smoke" or "go to".
Let's hit a jack. You gonna hit 7-11.
by Jers October 19, 2006
Heavy in The Streets
1)to be omnipresent within your environment.

2)Ask J, Nelk, Mike or Biz.

3)H&R Block
All True Facts
Jerzee Grimz
W.A.R (StreetBangers)
Roman Pills
Hits is
by Richard Britain August 31, 2006
A sentence of imprisonment. (May be in months or years.)
Joe appeared before the parole commission and was given a twenty-four month hit.
by jeremyindc August 03, 2006
Hoochie In Training.
Young girls dressing, acting and dancing like the strippers and ho's seen in videos.
by TaTa Licious March 10, 2005
tired, beat-up, wasted, sad, any emotional state not angry or normal.
hey you wanna go see a movie?
Na, I'm f***ing hit. I'm calling it an early night.
by an10ae February 17, 2005
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