to speak to someone one likes in order to gain some form of sexual arousal
Man, he is so hitting on her.
by sj0r April 27, 2003
1. To have sex with or fuck.
2. To take a puff of or otherwise smoke, usually marijuana
3. To Strike with the fist or otherwise incur damage to a subject.

4. A "unit" of measurement when smoking, usually herb/weed/marijuana
5. A unit of measuring other drug substances
1. "Damn her booty looks ripe, I'd tap that shit all night"
2. *Cough* "Damn let me hit that bong after you dogg"
3. "He said my dick was small so I hit the mother fucker in the jaw"
4. "Holy Crap I was baked off of my ass earlier, I took like fifteen hits of that light green!"
5. "I'm tripping balls man, I just took like four hits of acid"
by WeeD FienD August 20, 2007
ugly, busted, unfortunate looking
"sheeeeeeeit. that girl is HIT! She must've been beaten with the ugly stick."
by LaLa 9 October 07, 2007
Verb: To take part in the consumption of a substance from a single, usually communal, source. Mainly used to refer to the smoking of marijuana (to "hit" the bong), but can be used in many other circumstances when substances are moving between people (ie: "to hit up").
Noun: A single dose, or small act of consumption, of a larger substance.
1. Yo nigga, you need to hit this joint NOW!
2. Oh, no way! You have to let me hit up that pint of ice cream with you!
3. Damn, I gots some crazy drymouth right about now. Hey, lemme get a hit of that beer.
by NTcrim May 31, 2006
Someone who is so indescribably unattractive, they look as if they've been HIT by the ugly bus or via every branch on the ugly tree.
"Yo check out that waitress over there."
"Damn, she's HIT!!!"
by Jessica the Fabulous June 29, 2005
to arrive somewhere
yo I'ma hit the block
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
Dual Meaning:

1- To describe the appearance of someone/something in a negative fashion.

2- To be very drunk or high.
This slang word originated in the NY area. Also the word "Hit" must be said with emphasis.
Yo, that chick's face is HIT!
Yo we were HIT last night after all those shots of Henny!
by BlackBauer November 28, 2010
the act of calling; calling.
hit me up when you get back.
by Leathaface November 12, 2003
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