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'Hit my phone up' used only by people called Justin Bieber in songs. It simply means 'hit me up' or even more simply 'call me' or 'text me on my mobile telephone' but that wouldn't cut it as a lyric in his song.
Friend 1: 'Hey do you fancy going out tonight?'
Friend 2: 'yeah sure hit my phone up whenever you're ready'
by Esta Loco Vida April 27, 2016
When u text some or call someone constantly
But you still hit my phone up and baby I be moving on.
by xx ChallengeGirls xx July 30, 2016
1) You are the reason my phone wake-up from sleep ( black screen brighten up).
2) Contact.
3) Still in contact.

it can also be translated as no other girl contact me or even though we are not a couple anymore but I ain't in love with anyone else and on your call my phone react the same as it used to be ( this situation is a part of moving on).

you hit my phone up.
by Gors-Way April 04, 2016
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