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n. A hipster who is especially pretentious. Typically does not wear makeup, wears clothes that do not match/fit, and listens to extremely obscure music. Derogatory connotation.
Damn, that girl's such a hipstershit; she listens to bands that don't even exist yet!
by Kristina L. April 22, 2008
Music so awful that its only use is to be flaunted as a fashion accessory by those obsessed with the idea of coolness; it remains perpetually "obscure" because no sane human being would listen to this music for pleasure.
Dan: Hey dude, I just got a limited-edition copy of We Are As The Romans Should Have Been's new EP - and on vinyl, too! It's Gregorian chants with a mambo beat - mind-blowing! Come listen!

Ben: Ugh, no. You can keep your hipster shit to yourself.

by ACD8K November 20, 2011
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