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1. Person in their 20s who listens to underground music, wears thrift store fashions, and shows interest in art. As an inherently counter-culture group, many border on annoying when discussing mainstream topics.
2. Derogatory slang for "person who is not me, who bears tangential similarity to a member of a youth movement from 10 years ago", used by people whose minds are older than their bodies. Contemporary update of hippie.
3. Word favored by people who like to use big words that have no actual meaning. See: pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, overrated, elitist, &c. The one word these people clearly do not know: irony
1. I saw this hipster fellow in a coffee shop the other day.

2. That young whippersnapper over there is quite a hipster. Now where did I put my dentures? Oh wait, I'm only 35.

3. That establishment is for hipsters! Pretentious pseudo-intellectual hipsters at that!
by Mr. Rubino January 12, 2007
68 300
modern term for organized counter culture, ie. not really counter culture at all, just a manifestation of posers desperate for a purpose.
as a result of acting like a douche bag, mary adopted a hipster persona, hoping it would make her seem not like a worthless sack.
by Downtowndave May 15, 2009
230 463
A faggot that thinks their cool by wearing black and "avoids" the main stream. Dies hair a lot and kinda gay and douchy
i saw a hipster a hot topic looking a skinny leg jeans
by ihatesecny-wenies May 29, 2009
305 543
the hipster mecca is in williamsburg brooklyn. it's a subculture of kids born in the 80's. it started with mutton chops & buddy holly glasses, but has now progressed progressed into trucker caps, pointy shoes, and the god awful rehash of the mullet.

typically, hipsters are "slumming it" on mommy & daddy's dime. a full blown hipster reduces himself by never wearing anti-perspirant & appearing to be poor. drink of choice is rheingold, or pabst blue ribbon beer.
here comes the frickin hipster brigade!

i'm not going there! it's full of hipsters!
by sheena August 16, 2004
261 502
hipster, n. (slang)

1. A person who markets a facade of originality for social standing, when in fact they are not original; attention seeking and fake.

2. People who, despite following the hipster style trends, music, and culture, deny being a hipster.

Synonym: pretentious
Who in the hell decided to play noise music in the cafeteria- and at nine in the morning, no less?! My ears are starting to ring." "Oh, you can blame that on Gary. He's such a hipster.
by 321liftoff September 15, 2010
302 547
pretentious assholes
Hipsters are pretentious assholes who like attention and dress strange. Go to williamsburg brooklyn (Hipsterville) to see
by Mental R January 24, 2010
597 842
anyone who insists they aren't a hipster
Person 1 - "Ugh, I was at this MGMT show last night and there were so many hipsters there!"

Person 2 - "You're a hipster"

Person 1 - "No, I'm definitely not!"

(Person 1 is a hipster.)
by soodoh nimmmm June 04, 2010
64 313