A person who will do whatever they can to act different from society. They think conforming to society's trends is a bad thing and will then try to be individual by putting themselves in a group where everyone where's the same fucking thick rimmed glasses and has the same androgynous haircut. They drink PBR because they think it's vintage and listen to music you probably have never heard of and most of them more than likely have majored in art and think that makes them a scholar. They without a doubt vote for Obama.They also eat kale and drive hybrids or they don't drive a car at all. A nest of them is growing in Brooklyn , New York. Basically they think they are a counter culture but they are too absorbed in their own smug to realize they are just fucking douschebags.
"Is that a boy or a girl over their drinking PBR wearing glasses and tight ass jeans?"

" it's just an arrogant hipster"
by Thomas Jefferson October 21, 2014
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a "group" that is often well-educated, philosophical and/or artsy. Well-read, politically aware, intelligent, creative, independent thinker, often a good analytical thinker, typically enjoys irony. Unorthodox.

Values change, originality, the arts, and new.

Enjoys reading


A person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns

Shuns stereotypes and people who strive to fit into a stereotype.

Has a strong emphasis on freedom and equality, and so promotes feminism, LGBT rights, and equality for all races.

They often shop at thrift stores.

They are a group that refuses to be categorized, and is out of the mainstream.

It is not true that most hipsters live off their parents.

Has their own lingo, the most commonly known one is "rack", meaning cool.

Most commonly teenagers to 30 something year olds.

Sometimes known for "all natural" foods and products.

Called "the cool of the cool"

Will engage in witty banter.

(conversation between 4 girls at lunch about hipsters)

Girl 1 (G1): I'm a little bit hipster
Girl 2 (G2): Really?
Girl 3 (G3): I don't think so
G1: I actually am
Girl 4 (G4): I can see it.
G2: I can't
G1: Do you want to explain it?
G4: Sure. She likes books, and we all know she prattles on and on about philosophy and feminism and all that junk.
G3: True
G2: Yeah
G4: And remember that time she spent two entire periods and lunch going on and on about how all school was now nothing but people spouting out information instead of thinking, and how there was no creativity anymore.
All: *laughs*
G4: And people said "gay" was an insult, and she nearly threw her books at them 'cause she's so open-minded and stuff
G1: And I do all my shopping at thrift stores.
G2: Really?
G1: Yeah. Everything but shoes, wool coats, and my hand-me-downs come from there. The prejudice against them is ridiculous.
G4: And we all know Jenna isn't normal.
All: *burst out laughing*
G3: I'm convinced.
G2: Me too.

*Finish and start packing up lunch*

G3: So, Jenna, Where should I go for thrifting?
G1: *laughs* I would try Savers first, but.....
by KeepItMe October 22, 2013
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College educated sycophants who worship a brand of fashion that appears radical. Instead of being concerned with social issues that really matter and with finding a deeper meaning, hipsters cling to their outrageous trends to shore up egos comparable to those of typical frat-boys. Hipsters are elitist and exclusive and take great pride in their image. A hipster will smugly evaluate an 'ordinary' member of society and judge him or her based upon outside appearances. They tend to have degrees in fields like philosophy and esoteric literature. Some speculate that they attend college for the purpose of sounding intelligent at a hookah party. They envision themselves as the most progressive individuals of society, behaving in a way that emulates the ruling class of their host culture. It is not known whether hipsters are selfless devotees of parody or are just mere egoists. Either way they adopt the same basic personality characteristics of wealthy and privileged people, albeit with different garb. Hipsters are fond of Neitzsche and often make it a point to be seen reading one of his books. These deluded 'Ubermensch' are usually too skinny to be able to fend off a physical attack and too mentally predictable to outmaneuver a well thought out challenge from the abstract realm. Hipsters are nothing more than hollow caricatures of real people and have sold their souls in exchange for the illusion of sophistication.
I walk into a local music store. The staff are super 'cool'. They have tattoos, piercings, hip second hand clothes. They know about all the underground indie bands and are very counterculture. They are hipsters who are privy to cool stuff that ordinary uncool people just don't get. I approach two of them. They size me up as I ask a question.

'Do you have anything by (underground hip-hop artist with a funny name who describes the plight of white convicts and survivors of poverty)?'

A smirk materializes on the skinny blond hipster. His head is shaved on the side and his hair is combed over to the left. There are shaded streaks dyed into the 'doo. He has a pair of symmetrical piercings on his lower lip.

'Uhh, let me look. You asked for (said underground artist)?'

He sneers and glances over to his hipster buddy, who has a similar demeanor, except for the messed up hair look. They exchange amused expressions. The blond one types into the computer. A few moments pass.

'Mmm. Sorry we don't have anything by...(said underground artist).'

I say thanks and walk away. As I am heading toward the front door I hear muffled chuckles and some muttering between the two hipsters under their breath.
by GutterProfessor January 18, 2014
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non prescription glasses
button up shirts with no where important to be

no socks with vans
huge faggot
Heres a good example

Dude, you're the definiton of hipster...

- Dude there is nothing hipster about me...
You're wearing a button up shirt and you're going to get fast food....

- Damn i guess I am pretty hipster
by alecissohipster August 29, 2013
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A retard that will go out of there way to find things people don't like and like them they usually drink horrible beer and do horrible things and smoke cigarettes. Cause it's cool duh? They listen to music that sounds like slow wines in the mic and idk if they migrate to starbucks anymore but i'd check there to study these dumb animals
I watch friends and drink pabst cause I'm a hipster
by fig neuton January 20, 2014
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People of the Millenials generation who believe they are artistic in appearance, have artistic abilities, and think they are photographers because they can add a filter to a photo. They enjoy smoking cigarettes, weed, popping molli, and doing drugs that are just random combinations of letters and numbers. Really they are a culture of people stuck somewhere between gay and straight. Fuck defining this, theyre a bunch of faggots.
Frank: Yo, did you see Rando got a new guitar?
Jim: Its not new, he got it at a thrift shop and it's warped and out of tune.
Frank: Yeah It has character and an iconic sound
Jim: I literally sounds like a baby crying.
Frank: Nah man, it fits his image
Jim: Of what? Looking like a homeless person?
Frank: You just don't get it, Rando's a hipster.
Jim: No, Rando is a cheap fuck
Frank: Ur a conformist man, hand me my fedora, I'm gonna go get high and take pictures of Rando and his new guitar
Jim: Fuck man, I need new friends
by LostInLimbo December 16, 2014
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Young, white, mostly middle-class transplants into trendy areas of major cities. They enjoy indie rock, indie rap and other obscure music that the vast majority of people have never heard of. Tend to have very cynical attitudes when it comes to anything they deem "mainstream" i.e. the vast majority of others. Tend to be extremely un-athletic, pasty, skinny... basically the type of people "normal" people wouldn't fuck on a dare. They drink cheap beer, smoke foreign cigarettes and shop at thrift stores all in their vain attempt to appear as though they are not conforming to societal norms. To put in laymen terms, they were the kids in high school that would not accept the fact that in reality they were usually the ones that had no friends, were to weak and timid to hang out with the jocks, were too goofy looking to get laid and smelled like mothballs.Though some may have deemed them "intelligent" because of their vast array of useless knowledge about music, poetry, film noire and other things that no one else cares about, in all actuality the only people they can carry on a conversation with is one of their own, which is a very small percentage of the population. They also love skinny jeans which are only appropriate for women or teenage boys, not thirty somethings that are balding and or gray.
normal person. "are you a hipster?"

hipster. (befuddled look on face)..."NO!"

normal person. "I only asked because I noticed the two hot chicks next to you that you haven't even noticed because your to busy arguing who was more of a literary icon Kurt Vonnegut or Hunter S. Thompson?" All the while drinking Pabst and smoking some Euro-trash brand of cigarettes at a bar on Saturday night. Instead of trying to fuck said girls, you would rather talk about authors that no one gives a shit about.
by fukoff98 October 17, 2013
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