A group of people that think they're so cool just because they're obsessed with triangles, horn-rimmed glasses and stupid outfits that make themselves look like a freaking hobo. They think that they're so induvidual just because they're ugly and have no lives. They also spend most of their day on the computer updating their blogs with entries such as "I'm listening to _______ by this awesome "hipster band" and drinking coffee from this small coffee shop down the street im soooo hIPSTER!!1!".
Hipster Guy: So you went to see the movie Avatar?

Hipster Girl: Yeah it was soooo cool how did you KNOW?!!

Hipster Guy: Well you blogged about it last week && you're wearing the 3D glasses with the lenses popped out

Hipster Girl: Wow you're so deep wanna go to the secondhand store and buy some new clothes, go get coffee and then blog about it?!!?!

Hipster Guy: Hella yeah! Let's go make fun of other people wearing hollister/abercrombie since theyre sooo not hipster like us!!
by me duh lol June 22, 2010
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A slandering term used by a non trendy, boring person, used for any person that has any sense of style whatsoever.
i wish i could pull off an outfit like that." "no you dont. she just looks like every other hipster with fake glasses and a flannel.
by beannieee October 12, 2010
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Not to be confused with Scenester (largely involved with emo, hardcore, and post-hardcore) or Indie-Rocker (self-explanatory), hipsters are normally thin middle class 18-25 year olds who listen various styles of independent music, which is rarely rock oriented (though nu-grunge, nu-psych, and metal are making a comeback).

The female fashion ranges from largely thrifted vintage looking clothing to elaborately designed obscure fashion designers (Dries, Anne D, etc.); the men often use similar styles, wearing tapered jeans most of which are black (though sagged dropped crotch jeans are the new thing), oversized shirts (opposite of the misnomer that extremely tight t-shirts are hipster, as they are definitively scenester), dress shoes or high top sneakers and large rimmed glasses.

Politically hipsters are generally apathetic, but recently as the hipster bible Vice has shifted politically from the right to the left, the hipster mass has followed. The rise of 90s revival culture has also brought back the use of marijuana and X and has replaced cocaine, though the ever popular PBR and American Spirit Cigarettes remain popular.

Overall, hipsters can be characterized by their relatively carefree and iconoclastic lifestyles, their adherence to debauchery and sexual freedom, and the intake of drugs and alcohol.
I went to the juke club and to my surprise, the place was filled with hipsters.
by Sludged September 04, 2007
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a lot of people define a hipster as someone who falls into a category, like shopping at Urban Outfitters and listening to indie - when really, the true meaning of hipster is to differ from the norm. You don't have to wear a cardigan over corduroys to be a hipster, you just have to be yourself, and not worry about where society is going with music and fashion, and just go where you feel like going.
by fuckinhipsters March 08, 2011
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Design arseholes.
"Look at that hipster, he's such a design arsehole."
by _TryCatch June 09, 2014
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hipster: buys shirt from urban outfitters
person: where did you get that shirt?
hipster: it's vintage.

see: urban outfitters
by ithinkimfunnybutnotreally June 10, 2012
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A group of obnoxious, uneducated people who reject the social norm to an unnecessary degree. Their only goal in life is to be "different". Coincidentally, they're all the same. Most hipsters are annoying, greasy, trashy, and poor. They obsess over a style, meme, band, etc. until everyone else likes it. Once everyone else likes it, they make a big deal about how everyone is copying them and they claim to not like the style, meme, band, etc. anymore.
I'm a hipster. Who needs clothes? Everyone wears clothes, I wanna be different.
by Nikki Nightmare February 04, 2012
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