a girl with blonde hair that has a laugh like the three stooges, Usually born in april. Obsessed with Dinosaurs and plate tectonics. No hipster dirty dances or hooks up with random strangers. Usually they live in Santa Barbara and go to UCSB. They never show their arms. They are addicted to crack and peanut butter. They love to go sailing. They love christmas tress year round and the show The office and Always Sunny. A hipster is a crazy fucking bitch but everyone seems to know who she is because she like to punch guys in the balls when she is drunk and lock herself in bathrooms with one boy in particular. She also like root-beer floats and walks on the park. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A HIPSTER!
Ellen Degeneres- Hipster
by PENISPARTY May 30, 2011
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1. The guy who wrote the definition of hipster that starts with

"Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking. . ."

and continues in an incredibly self-important and disappointing manner to idealize this counter-AnyRemoteUsefullnessToHumanCultureAndItsDevelopment

2. A very bad omen for the future
"Do you realize that the next generation of voters will be flooded with apathetic hipsters?"

"God help us"
by Unfortunate reader of Mr. Trey December 31, 2009
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Scientists have researched the case and discovered that they had emerged from a pile of horse faeces in the depths of filth in every country. Complete and utter waste matter, bacteria, water, all discharged from the bowel and finally through the anus, the Hipster was born. And through time, the compulsion and poison of pop culture had fed it, and it grew a long, grimy blonde mane with pink or purple tips, revoltingly thin bone limbs, a pea-sized brain and buckets full of money to sustain it with necessities: Vans, studded high-waist shorts, revealing tops, coke cans, $1000 cameras, Apple products, and many more.

These creatures can be found in shopping centres or malls. However, their natural habitat exists on the internet. It is a forest, filled with vibrant, colourful, and hideous pictures. It truly is a strange place. It's called, "Tumblr". Here, the Hipster is free the roam the mountains of sentimental and what they think to be truly inspiring quotes, more often from novels that they have never cared to read (if they know how to read, that it is). It is also a place where they thrive in giving personal “advice” to helpless 80 year old anonymous’, or they simply send messages to themselves, such as: “Your beautiful babe”. Hipsters are creatures of vanity and conceited values, they tend to fish for compliments, and if those needs are not met, then they have a tendency to feed themselves that extra boost of arrogance.
Hipster: "I know how it feelz to creys wen u don want two."
by anonslokfdmd December 20, 2012
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Annoying people that don't like how society turned out, so they convert back to when there were things like VHS's or brick phones. The origin of the word coming from the myth that circles around the idea of everyone having hips. Someone decided one day that he wants to be different, or go back to before the 'now' and got his hips taken out. Except, now that his hips were the center focus, everyone just called him "Hipster". So the nickname became a generalization for people that are like him.
Normal person: "Yo dawg, y'all gonna play sum xbox wit yo home boyee?"
Hipster: "I'd rather not my good man, for I have a very long movie night, centering around all of the Star Trek episodes that were filmed onto VHS tapes."


Normal Person: "Hey, you want to to a movie and see the new Harry Potter movie in 3D?"
Infected one: "What is 3D?"
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A term used by people on the internet to describe anyone they don't like.
This idiot disagrees with me about which Simpsons episode is the best. He's such a hipster.
by Laggin' Larry February 28, 2012
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A word used by white people from suburbia who moved into an urban environment but dislike hip hop, to pass negative judgement upon other white people from suburbia who have moved into the same urban environment, and also dislike hip hop.
"This party is so lame, it's just a bunch of hipsters talking about obscure bands."
by cockmasa flex March 20, 2009
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1. a dilettante with consequential views on fashion

2. a white person on the L train between Union Square and Lorimer

hipsters are found in esoteric music venues jaw dropping to bad music
by flute727 March 18, 2007
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