A hipster is commonly identified by wardrobe labelled as "non-conformist", which tends to conform exactly to the traditional representation of a hipster. They tend to go to school for liberal arts courses, and flaunt their extensive education, while not realizing that a liberal arts degree gets you jack shit in the real world. An "accomplished" hipster, who has completed said degree, tends to spend a great deal of time in overpriced coffee shops such as Starbucks in order to appear "deep", and "introspective". They protest dressing to impress others, while spending outrageous amounts of money on pre-worn shirts and torn jeans, in order to "fit-in" with the other hipsters they look up to. They claim to be politically aware, but attack all conservative views as fascist, while not understanding the liberal views the claim to represent. You would be hard pressed to find a more contradictory or hypocritical drogue chute on the welfare of society as this sub-human genera. Avoid at all costs.
"Look at that hipster, complaining about how well educated he is, because he can quote statistics about whaling and global warming that he saw on the internet, while he's working at the McDonalds at the mall"
"What a non-conforming god he is, I wish I was as conscious about the world as he is"
"So do I... So do I..."
by Evile July 07, 2013
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n. someone who flaunts cigarettes.
"Jackie, check out that hipster's cigarettes!"
by Rich December 08, 2004
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The definition of hipster for a male:

Typically tall, lanky, and does a dougie like he's in rack city bitch. Wears I Love Ugly. Lives away from the city like a boss. Typically has patterned pocket chinos. Wears Vans.

Owns everything Mac.

Studies photography bitch xoxoxo
"Hey Meg, where's your hipster boyfriend at?"
"Oh he's somewhere in town wearing ILU and taking photos of hobos"
"Ah.. Very Blaine."

Blaine Hudson.
by rackcityxoxo May 27, 2012
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1. Person in their 20s who listens to underground music, wears thrift store fashions, and shows interest in art. As an inherently counter-culture group, many border on annoying when discussing mainstream topics.
2. Derogatory slang for "person who is not me, who bears tangential similarity to a member of a youth movement from 10 years ago", used by people whose minds are older than their bodies. Contemporary update of hippie.
3. Word favored by people who like to use big words that have no actual meaning. See: pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, overrated, elitist, &c. The one word these people clearly do not know: irony
1. I saw this hipster fellow in a coffee shop the other day.

2. That young whippersnapper over there is quite a hipster. Now where did I put my dentures? Oh wait, I'm only 35.

3. That establishment is for hipsters! Pretentious pseudo-intellectual hipsters at that!
by Mr. Rubino January 12, 2007
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Looks: Red/brown/black hair, bandannas, side/undercut, stretched ears, high top/short shorts, baggy tops, college jackets, old baggy grandma jumpers, thick framed glasses, cross accessories.
Likes: Thrifing at vintage shops, piercings/tattoos, cold/hot coffee, reading, perfect grammar, organic food, anchors.
Music: Under ground, low key music.

* imagine*
Brown, shaggy hair, stretched ears, anchor tattoo, septum piercing, black studded high top shorts, baggy under ground band shirt, college jumper, glasses, cross necklace, drinking cold coffee while cold coffee a book.
Normal person: U sew hipster!!!1!

Hipster: I am in fact, not a "Hipster".
*goes back to reading encyclopedia*
by Normal person February 11, 2012
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Paul (Dylan) Tummina
"The other i was listining to this band youve probably never heard of because im a hipster thats cooler than you!"-Dylan(paul)
by Rac95 March 08, 2011
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Those members of the youth that are more in tune and welcoming to changing trends in fashion and music

Most often intellectually superior to others but do not feel the need to feed their vanity by searching for a 6 figure job

Hipsters are often teased that they are the 'real' conformists but their apathetic nature and superior intelligence ensures that non-hipster's claims are fruitless in bothering them

They provide a standalone source of artistic innovation. Hipster's work (music, art, literature) is what conformists often attempt to appreciate upon noticing their banal existence
Hipster 1: Hey look, there's another person imputting a derogatory opinionated view as a definition on urban dictionary.

Hipster 2: Wow, they're smart. (sarcastically)
by André 2999 June 17, 2008
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