Yet another clique for people who can't develop an identity of their own.
Hipsters are no different from goths, emos, bogans, backpackers and surfies.
by freebooter December 14, 2010
a hip person
"i don't understand why everyone hates people that wear shoes that aren't uggs so much."

"because they are hipsters."

"but that girl is just wearing a black sweater and jeans."

"but the jeans aren't hollister."
by everyone calm down March 22, 2009
People who are rad.
Example: Anyone hipster.
by qwertyuiiopasdfghjkl May 08, 2011

1. A person who constantly wears flannel shirts, skinny jeans, and boots.
2. A person who does open-palm pumps (as opposed to fist pumps) to avoid appearing like a Jersey Shore character.
3. A person who says he/she is not a hipster when asked.
4. A person who soaks his/her jeans to insure a skin-tight fit.
5. A person who will correct another's calling electro "techno."
1. Person 1: What are you wearing, hipster? Hipster: Bro, I'm rockin the flannel shirt, skinny jeans, and boots, like usual.
2. Person 1: Is this how you fist pump? Hipster: NO, open-palm/heavy bass, bro.
3. Person 1: Yo dude, ain't you a hipster? Hipster: F***! I'm not a hipster!
4. Person 1: Yo, you got some really skinny jeans right there. Hipster: Ya bro, I soaked all night long.
5. Person 1: Yo hipster, that's some intense techno. Hipster: Shut up! It's electro!
by ApocalypseNOTnow August 03, 2010
People who wear plaid flannels and skinny jeans.
Erin Anderson is such a hipster and I love you.
by NotSamRussell October 28, 2009
A hipster is a group that basically poses of other groups, like emo and prep. They wear either tight girl jeans or colored skinny jeans, a tight shirt with a lame band logo (My Chemical Romance) on it, piecerings (like snakebites), a emoish hairdo, and sometimes a bandana
Oh my god! That kid is a hipster! I want to kill him!

Hipsters listen to MSI.
by Kyle Kilgannon September 29, 2008
Jamie ryan look out that faggot hipster
by Hold on Taniqua!! October 25, 2011

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