Hipster-1)Referring to young people of around 14-26 years of youth, who drink cheap beer, smoke cheap shit, and do what the media says. 2)somebody that likes to wear (but not limited to) cheap hot topic clothes, nerd glasses, colorful hair, and cheesy ass colonge.
Hey there you hipster.
by Shadow The Macizzle June 21, 2012
A very mainstream Victoria's Secret underwear.
I would not want to be called a hipster.
by A Futching Futch April 23, 2012
a hipster is someone who is considered SUPER COOL by all sets of eyes. and they must have a PET DRAGON. being the owner (and friend) of two dogs would be a plus.
and it is a myth that they are also friends with super cool friends!
Dang, i wanna be like that hipster!
by tellahofdatruth July 27, 2011
a lot of people define a hipster as someone who falls into a category, like shopping at Urban Outfitters and listening to indie - when really, the true meaning of hipster is to differ from the norm. You don't have to wear a cardigan over corduroys to be a hipster, you just have to be yourself, and not worry about where society is going with music and fashion, and just go where you feel like going.
damn, what a hipster!
by fuckinhipsters March 08, 2011
(n) Hipster: People with an extremely obscure taste of music and hate it when Indie labels go mainstream
Man, that girl over there is listening to Driftless Pony Club. Damn, what a hipster.
by youcancallmepenis March 01, 2011
A hipster is someone who dresses diferently from everyone else. Someone who, acts differently from others. Someone who isnt afraid to be who they are.
1: wow. she/he is sooo hipster.
2: ikr. she/he isnt afraid to be who they are.
by Skyler5150 December 26, 2010
Best friends who are joined at the hip
I'm missing my right hip

I can't wait to tell my hipster about this one... they will never believe it!

Where's your hipster gone?
by Berth Thillitis December 09, 2010
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