Somebody like Reine Pavlik, Jake Crump, or Steven Mayer. Pretty much the exact opposite of Will.
Reine: I love Conor Oberst!
Any intelligent person: You're a hipster!
by Carul Saygun June 07, 2011
Dorian Sanders. He wears scarves, big framed glasses, and walks around with 8 cameras around his neck, snapping pictures every emotional second he gets. He thinks triangles are the epitome of life, they're so deep, yet so shallow...~
Dorian Sanders is a hipster.
by tjudez November 08, 2010
(Noun) A person, male or female, who wears vintage clothing, skinny jeans, ironic shirts, and Urban Outfitters, listens to Indie rock, either skateboards or watches people skateboard, and (usually) lives in an urban environment. The most popular location for hipsters is New York. They can be found in downtown Manhattan (anywhere below 17th street, mainly in Union Square or Tompkins Square Parks smoking pot) or in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
by s0phfeist October 24, 2010
Describes lifestyle/fashion sensibilities of a subset of American youth—generally urban. Although sometimes ascribed a unique philosophical/aesthetic orientation (or novel lack thereof) hipsterism generally displays characteristics typical of other historical youth cultures. (See: teeny-bopper, hippy, punk, grunge, mod, rocker, goth, and other youth cultures typified by unconventional dress, specific music taste, chronic narcissism, dissociation, delusion, pseudo/anti-intellectualism, and necessarily selective and improbable world-views.) Such youth cultures generally awake—as if from a strange dream—sometime in their mid-thirties, baffled by their own behavior and the origins of several really really poorly done tattoos.
Man, where have you been? There's nothing Ukrainian about Ukrainian Village anymore--its full of hipsters.

Look at this fucking hipster.
by wordswordswordsandmorewords June 17, 2010
Someone who rejects the mainstream culture. They listen to classic rock, some hip hop and local indie bands.

They usually have long shaggy hair, generally has an unkept appearence. Wearing tight jeans, flannel or band shirts, and wayfarer sunglasses that aren't raybans, but just a plastic generic named one.
Look at that hipster....he think hes so cool with this flannel shirt and hand rolled cig.
by john whatshimaaa May 09, 2010
People from the age of 15 to 30 who belive they are cooler than everyone else. Dismisses things that have become a bit mainstream like The Killers or The Shins not because they think there bad, but because other people like them.

Now a days there are two types of hipsters.

1. Emoish kids who allways wear black and bright, neon coloured clothes that they have both and then cut up them selfs.Have funny haircuts in either
really whitish blond,black or neon colours or all three. Often listens to heavy metal, so called emo music or japanese rock. They also used to listen to Tokio Hotel.

2. Buys most clothes at thift stores and dresse in skinny jeans, t-shirts or tight plad shirts. If you talk about a band to them they will either know about it or pretend to know about it. Arrogant over other people.

Note: If you wear Bob Dylan t-shirt and skinny jeans and think tahat most of the post about hipster resebels you but you still like The Shins you are not a hipster, just a person.

1.Non-hipster: The Killers are great.

Hipster: No, everybody likes them, they are so unoriginal.

by Lalaland92 July 10, 2008
Young, bigoted, and pretentious person who attempts to be original or nostalgic by rejecting mainstream ideas and adopting uncommon ones.
The hipster sat by and pontificated on the primitive and unimaginative use of tires as his Prius's flat was fixed by his father.
by The Angry Vet November 25, 2015

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