They're suposedly the hippies of the XXI century with the difference that they don't have any strong ideology nor they have caused any relevant social movement. In theory, hipsters despise anything mainstream despite the fact that they're huge fans of Apple products and wear Vans shoes and clothes from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Hipsters are the kind of people that say poser seudo-intellectual phrases like "I liked Arcade Fire before they were famous".
Person 1: I'm a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino.
Hipster: I used to like him until he became mainstream.
by Mazmorrero January 04, 2012
most of them are fag-bags.
hipsters are a modern category of people ranging from teens to young adults. they have a very "hip" sense of style (obviously) which includes scarves, fedoras, tight pants, plaid shirts, and oxfords, generally. some can have an image of goth, or emo, but on a less harsh scale.
by musicmegan December 06, 2011
those who call themselves hipsters and ruin everything
Hipster-"I love lamp"

Others-" I hate lamp now"
by 2pac's ghost December 04, 2011
In short, conceded a**hole who thinks they are better than everybody else because the don't roll with the "main-stream" crowd.
Coppercab(angry ginger kid)

person 1: Dude, did u hear the new Ke$ha song?
person 2: No way! She sucks, and besides everybody listens to her.
person 1: Stop being such a hipster!
by The MainStream November 26, 2011
A person who is usually a teenager to somebody in their 20s, and often going to college at places such as UC Davis and San Francisco State. They usually like "indie music" and alternative music, often like to ride fixies, and when something they enjoyed goes "in" then they get frustrated because they hate being apart of the mainstream. They think they're above everybody else because they're different
when it's really just ironic because they're belonging to a group by being a hipster in the first place, which defeats the purpose they have to not be mainstream.
They often shop at thrift stores, like bands like arcade fire, but they won an award so I guess they're not "cool" anymore because they're mainstream. They spend a ton of money to look like hobos basically from going to thrift stores.
They wear oldass clothes to look "trendy".
They are often found all over San Francisco.
Their music often defines them.
Basically, they are going out of their way just to look different because different=cool
"Angelica Mercedes is such a hipster. She purposely tries to be different to be cool, but its sad because they are so many Goddamn hipsters in this school that being a hipster is mainstream"
by Cody Powers November 23, 2011
A poser.
Hipster: "Do you like my new plaid shirt. It came with these fake glasses that I got at the Salvation Army. I like to be thrifty. Save the animals!"
Random Person: "Uh. You're not blind."
Hipster: "Oh I know. These glasses make me look cool. They set me apart from the rest of society."
Random Person: *Slaps hipster in face* "Yeah...I think that will set you apart from society too. I don't see too many people running around with slap marks and skinny jeans. You're welcome"

by IRockTheWorld September 26, 2011
One can either be a hipster or exhibit hipster tendencies.

Necessary Ingredients:

Skinny jeans, if you don't have any you can substitute leggings as a replacement. Off kilter music taste i.e. yeah yeah yeahs, m.i.a., people the average person hasn't heard of, and anything indie or considered weird. Usually art enthusiasts. Often pierced or tattooed. Shopping at 2nd hand stores and going thrifting is a way of life, Urban Outfitters is also a home away from home. Most parties include PBR. It's not unusual to see one with a bike. In addition, it helps if you top all of that off with a pair of glasses, you can use a variety but one's that resemble something that Kanye West owns or worn by a librarian in the 80s/80s inspired would work. Economically, some can be secret trust fun hoarders, some can be broke city dwellers, and some can fall right in the middle, it varies. Rejection of the mainstream is highly encouraged but whether or not all hipsters do that is arguable. Some are also fond of wearing a scarf or rag in with the previously stated look and MANY exist on tumblr.
2 Friends on the street.

Friend #1: I wonder how that kid can ride a bike with their pants being so tight?

Friend #2: Their probably a hipster.
by LittleBitOfThisLittleBitOfThat September 21, 2011
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