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those who call themselves hipsters and ruin everything
Hipster-"I love lamp"

Others-" I hate lamp now"
by 2pac's ghost December 04, 2011
In short, conceded a**hole who thinks they are better than everybody else because the don't roll with the "main-stream" crowd.
Coppercab(angry ginger kid)

person 1: Dude, did u hear the new Ke$ha song?
person 2: No way! She sucks, and besides everybody listens to her.
person 1: Stop being such a hipster!
by The MainStream November 26, 2011
A poser.
Hipster: "Do you like my new plaid shirt. It came with these fake glasses that I got at the Salvation Army. I like to be thrifty. Save the animals!"
Random Person: "Uh. You're not blind."
Hipster: "Oh I know. These glasses make me look cool. They set me apart from the rest of society."
Random Person: *Slaps hipster in face* "Yeah...I think that will set you apart from society too. I don't see too many people running around with slap marks and skinny jeans. You're welcome"

by IRockTheWorld September 26, 2011
One can either be a hipster or exhibit hipster tendencies.

Necessary Ingredients:

Skinny jeans, if you don't have any you can substitute leggings as a replacement. Off kilter music taste i.e. yeah yeah yeahs, m.i.a., people the average person hasn't heard of, and anything indie or considered weird. Usually art enthusiasts. Often pierced or tattooed. Shopping at 2nd hand stores and going thrifting is a way of life, Urban Outfitters is also a home away from home. Most parties include PBR. It's not unusual to see one with a bike. In addition, it helps if you top all of that off with a pair of glasses, you can use a variety but one's that resemble something that Kanye West owns or worn by a librarian in the 80s/80s inspired would work. Economically, some can be secret trust fun hoarders, some can be broke city dwellers, and some can fall right in the middle, it varies. Rejection of the mainstream is highly encouraged but whether or not all hipsters do that is arguable. Some are also fond of wearing a scarf or rag in with the previously stated look and MANY exist on tumblr.
2 Friends on the street.

Friend #1: I wonder how that kid can ride a bike with their pants being so tight?

Friend #2: Their probably a hipster.
by LittleBitOfThisLittleBitOfThat September 21, 2011
A hipster is any male/female in their 20s who lives in culturally stimulating parts of cities. They are proficient in all things deemed "indie", and are most likely all photographers and in a band at some point in their lives. They subsist on unknown bands, in the attempt to break away from mainstream media and show how non-conformist they are.

All hipsters have a love for local art, and will protest the destruction of buildings suffering from urban decay, as they are "art treasures".
Also, they know more than you in all things, including (but not limited to): Politics, music, witty banter, being ironic, fashion, and what is cool.
Usually, they can be seen wearing vintage clothing, ironic tees, tight pants, or some form of button up with suspenders and a tie, no matter what the temperature. May be sporting one of those "paperboy" hats from the 1930s, but if not, will have an odd haircut that is usually cut by a friend.

Warning: Hipsters become offended at being called a hipster, and will deny it at all times. Don't let them fool you...If they have several of the above listed facts, you've got a hipster on your hands.
Guy 1: (Swishes poorly cut hair off forehead) "I just can't figure out if I should go to these local band shows, or throw paint on a canvas and call it art."

Guy 2: "Hipster."
by DrStankWang June 12, 2011
Somebody like Reine Pavlik, Jake Crump, or Steven Mayer. Pretty much the exact opposite of Will.
Reine: I love Conor Oberst!
Any intelligent person: You're a hipster!
by Carul Saygun June 07, 2011
Counter culture conformist. I understand, seems contradictory but listen up. Hipster counter conventional culture solely for the purpose of countering conventional culture not because that's the culture they enjoy. They just conform to being different which makes no sense at all. Hipsters are very anti-establishment meaning that they do not do normal things. For example many hipsters do not live in the general housing; many live in shacks or in very close quarters with other people, generally other hipsters. In addition hipsters are not generally interested in academic pursuits because it is considered "conforming" to get an education by attending school and college. For some strange reasons despite their irregular and nonsensical living style, hipsters take pride in their ability to not be normal.
Normal Person: Hey wanna go out to eat?
Hipster: Depends, where?
Normal Person: I'm not sure. How about chipotle?
Hipster: NO! I can't eat there like everyone goes there. I cant just conform and eat there like everybody else.
Normal Person:Wow what a hipster.
by LOL_KATZ May 24, 2011