a male or female that feels all attention should be directed at him/her. He wears ridiculous clothing that screams "Look at me!" The males often hit on girls that have boyfriends relentlessly until they get their way. In other words, hipsters are girlfriend stealers. They also listen to alternative music. Only. They are perhaps the most closed-minded beings on the face of the earth. When standing in a group they are usually the most obnoxious and loud ones there. Often, a hipster plays a musical instrument. But they only play the songs that are alternative (naturally). If a song is released by their favorite band and becomes popular, they refuse to listen to it because everyone else is. The common word for a song like this is mainstream. An antonym for mainstream is underground.
That guy is such a hipster, he gelled his hair to look like a member of his favorite alternative band.
by Uh........... June 06, 2011
A hipster is a self-appreciating young adult, often taking a liberal arts degree in university, who think they are unique and inidividual because they don't follow mainstream ideas and trends. In reality, hipsters are guided by the mainstream and rely on it to create material to complain about on tumblr.
Man 1: Look at that fucking hipster

Lady 1: That ratty pair of underwear is so hipster.
by Teleute March 07, 2011
An evolved emo. Usually happens when a closet emo or an actual emo discovers that there is in fact, other colors other than black and pink so they star mixing it up a lot to a point that their clothes wont match.

Unlike the species from which they evolved, they don't try to act suicidal, on the contrary, they act like life is nice to them even though everybody hates them even other hipsters.

They tend to "like" things like music and clothes that non-hipsters don't like because that makes them feel special an superior even though it makes the look stupid and asshole-y. This is in part because when they were emo they used to think they were shit and now they think they are The Shit, this kind of thinking, of course, is wrong.

Irony, no matter how much they try, wont work for them because they simply don't know how to use it.

They are usually NOT poor people but tend to act like it.

Male hipsters usually become really thin and Female hipsters start dressing non-sexy.
They also wear overpriced used clothes.
Andy:Look at the way that guy is dressed, it so much color i think I'm gonna have seizure!
Andy:What the fuck is he listening to?!
Jorge:Sound like shit
Andy: his girlfriend looks kinda cute but her clothes! Ugh
Jorge: Dude you are looking at a fucking hipster!
by jpshooter11 November 06, 2010
A hipster is someone who buys records even if they don't have a record player, just to say they bought records. They listen to music that no one actually likes. Their taste in music is to make them seem cooler, by being non conformist, therefore making them conform to nonconformists. Hipsters tend to wear flannel and sweaters from flea markets.
Oh look at that hipster! I heard he listened to Sonic Youth to cover up his love for Rihanna.
by pinkxxmusicLOVE January 03, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, the hipster ranges in age from teenager all the way up to elderly and everywhere in between. Younger hipsters generally receive their hipster indoctrination from elder burned-out hipsters and hippies who masquerade as qualified teachers and professors.

They can be spotted wearing carefully ill-fitting clothes, about a size too small, in order to project an image of poverty-chic.

Hipsterism requires strict obedience to recycling rituals, and a prohibition of creating new ideas or items. Subsequently, the hipster will generally be seen wearing logos from mid to late 20th Century capitalist brands. They also like to wear fashion-glasses in order to project a false image of intelligence.

They possess a deep misunderstanding of the word ironic, preferring to use the definition from Alanis Morisette's song rather than the dictionary.

Hipsters generate unusual and offensive odors due to their affinity for organic human waste products and a natural aversion to personal hygiene. In the male of the species, you can spot clouds of fleas living in their beards off of uneaten bits of cafe fare. In the female of the species, fleas can be found in their unshaven armpit hair.
I sure wish that hipster would take a bath. Has he been wearing that Atari T-Shirt since 1978?
by Schnorkenschneider March 17, 2014
Originally a word for 1930's Jazz enthusiasts; the word "Hipster" has since been applied to a vaguely defined and semi-mythical counter-culture movement allegedly centered around socialising at overpriced coffee shops and listening to bands that You have never heard of.
Few of these peculiar hominids have ever been seen by man, and most footage is unverifiable.

As of the early 2010's the word also became an acceptable way of insulting anybody who's tastes differ to your own, in any way, and as a result, has completely lost all meaning.
Ex 1.

So I drove up to Portland last saturday looking for Hipsters;
I thought I saw one, but it was just some regular guy in a flannel shirt.

Ex 2.

Todd: I was listening to the new GY!BE and Rachael told me to 'turn that Hipster crap off'

Howard: Haha, what does that even mean?
by Psychedelic Warlord February 16, 2014
Something you beat with a stick.
Person 1: lulz look at that thing. Is it a guy or something else? I can never tell.

Person 2: It's a hipster.

Person 3: *Beats it with a stick*
by Theodore McStick June 06, 2011

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