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Something you beat with a stick.
Person 1: lulz look at that thing. Is it a guy or something else? I can never tell.

Person 2: It's a hipster.

Person 3: *Beats it with a stick*
by Theodore McStick June 06, 2011
A hipster is a self-appreciating young adult, often taking a liberal arts degree in university, who think they are unique and inidividual because they don't follow mainstream ideas and trends. In reality, hipsters are guided by the mainstream and rely on it to create material to complain about on tumblr.
Man 1: Look at that fucking hipster

Lady 1: That ratty pair of underwear is so hipster.
by Teleute March 07, 2011
A follower. Someone that keeps up with current trends, but tends to not, in fact, be a trend setter. Many present themselves in a way that it may appear that the are capable of making truly intelligible conversation. However the opposite becomes very evident once they attempt to be engaging with those outside of their social circle. Now when it comes to current events, generally speaking, it's usually only those pertaining to popular culture. It's truly the epitome of what it is to be of a herd mentality.
Hipster one: "I can't believe how popular that band has become"

Hipster two: "I'm not really into that sort of music, but if everyone is going count me in"
by Fkit August 27, 2014
A subculture of boys and girls between the ages of 17 and 30, who live off of their parents' trust funds. They buy expensive clothing and listen to horrible music. Hipsters will usually clump together in groups, like barnacles. Anyone who isn't a hipster in their eyes cannot be fully integrated into their social circles.
Man, those hipsters got their parents to buy them an art studio downtown. They're looking for bands to perform every Thursday, but only if you're a hipster too; only if you're friends with them.
by Perv Tycoon March 08, 2014
Originally a word for 1930's Jazz enthusiasts; the word "Hipster" has since been applied to a vaguely defined and semi-mythical counter-culture movement allegedly centered around socialising at overpriced coffee shops and listening to bands that You have never heard of.
Few of these peculiar hominids have ever been seen by man, and most footage is unverifiable.

As of the early 2010's the word also became an acceptable way of insulting anybody who's tastes differ to your own, in any way, and as a result, has completely lost all meaning.
Ex 1.

So I drove up to Portland last saturday looking for Hipsters;
I thought I saw one, but it was just some regular guy in a flannel shirt.

Ex 2.

Todd: I was listening to the new GY!BE and Rachael told me to 'turn that Hipster crap off'

Howard: Haha, what does that even mean?
by Psychedelic Warlord February 16, 2014
1. An independent thinker who eschews trends and tends to know a lot of obscure bands/films/literature etc. May or may not buy clothes from thrift stores or dress in so-called "hipster fashion". The type of person that many so-called "hipsters" aspire to be like, and ignorant people hold in contempt and call "hipsters".

2. A person who tries way to hard to fit into the "hipster subculture" or "be different". The irony for these so called "non-conformists" is that they themselves are conforming to a subculture, both real and imaginary, that bases itself on individualism, yet has it's own unofficial rules of what's "cool" and what's not.

3. A person who is so concerned with being "different" that ironically they are no longer true to themselves.

4. Someone who is very pretentious with a superior attitude.

most of the time the term is meant as an insult.
Greg's not a hipster, he just likes what he likes and stands up for what he believes in.

Greg's such a tool, dressing up like a hipster, quoting Schopenhauer and pissing on all the old bands he used to like just because they're "mainstream"

Fucking Greg, it's not enough for him to just be himself he has to try harder.

Fucking Greg thinks he's better than everyone, he's such a self-aggrandizing hipster douche.
by Heavy Metal Hockey Fan November 15, 2013
An emo kid grown up.
"Hey who's that hot chick in the capris?

"Oh that's just Jerome, he's a hipster"
by Randomblackguy September 06, 2013