A follower. Someone that keeps up with current trends, but tends to not, in fact, be a trend setter. Many present themselves in a way that it may appear that the are capable of making truly intelligible conversation. However the opposite becomes very evident once they attempt to be engaging with those outside of their social circle. Now when it comes to current events, generally speaking, it's usually only those pertaining to popular culture. It's truly the epitome of what it is to be of a herd mentality.
Hipster one: "I can't believe how popular that band has become"

Hipster two: "I'm not really into that sort of music, but if everyone is going count me in"
#hipster #trend #herd mentality #hipsters #popular culture
by Fkit August 27, 2014
A subculture of boys and girls between the ages of 17 and 30, who live off of their parents' trust funds. They buy expensive clothing and listen to horrible music. Hipsters will usually clump together in groups, like barnacles. Anyone who isn't a hipster in their eyes cannot be fully integrated into their social circles.
Man, those hipsters got their parents to buy them an art studio downtown. They're looking for bands to perform every Thursday, but only if you're a hipster too; only if you're friends with them.
#poopster #bungalow muffin #crap brat #scoliosis #doodoo whimp
by Perv Tycoon March 08, 2014
A label used by the public to describe individuals who's cultural preferences are rooted in independent media rather than mainstream society. With the glorification of superficiality in Western culture post - 9/11 (celebrities, lifestyles, manufactured pop music etc.) any media which deviates from this and fosters an intellectual ethos is derided as 'pretentious' by current generations, who have subsequently become accustomed to the holocaust of mediocrity now permeating popular culture. Modern hipsters are mostly individuals who came of age during the 90's, and (having their beloved culture usurped by the information age and it's subsequent technology) find a defiant comfort in aspects of culture which reflect a kitsch/amateur/thrift store aesthetic representative of the times they grew up in. Because of this, they sometimes hold opinions which seem obnoxious to those who can't relate to having been a part of it. This is not usually intentional however, and mostly represents their anger at how the society they grew up in (which in an unusual move for society put substance and authenticity first) has been replaced by one which instead celebrates superficial values. Of course, those unfamiliar with this tend to interpret the hipster phenomenon as a fabricated trend (or cheap substitute for previous subcultures), and proceed to mock them for not sharing their vapid love of the Kardashians, Geordie Shore and the rest of their mainstream ilk. Hence, the hipster label was born.
(the unpoken rule of being a hipster is to not admit to being one, but I've broken it for this example)

Average Joe: Are you a hipster?

Hipster: Depends, can you appreciate the fact that I prefer stuff with substance? you know, stuff I can personally connect to? because god knows I can't connect to what others like, and they've made their feelings about this very apparent. That's their whole game; if you don't like what they do, you're the freak, the weirdo, the mental person. Rejection forces people to find somewhere they will be accepted. For me, its in the music and movies which say 'don't worry, we're not like them either'. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. Can you understand that?

Average Joe: *Derisive expression*

Hipster: Well that explains it all doesn't it? We try to be accepted, and get ridiculed for it. We try to be independent, and get ridiculed for it. Brilliant :/
#intelligence #generation x #slacker #the mainstream #alternative rock #millenials
by GoAskAlex91 October 18, 2013
Hipster in the contemporary sense is a subculture of men and women generally in their 20's and 30's. Aspects of this sub culture include rampant consumerism of "ironic" or "kitschy" pop culture items and art, examples of this include large colored sun glasses, indie music, street art. The nihilistic and self indulgent characteristics of this group have grown and developed from the failure of past youth cultures i.e beats, hippies, and punks to make any sort of true cultural or political change. Thus the hipster culture is an acceptance of all the things which previous countercultures believed they were fighting against such as commercialism and consumerism.
Those hipsters over there dress ridiculous and don't care about anything.
#hipster #indie #youthculture #urbanculture #popularculture
by ThisMoniker July 26, 2011
unicorns and triangle tattoos smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking alcohol while eating marijuana brownies on there magic carpet- they love their vintage slippers and jam jars.. people with kooky names like leanna& andrew
wow steve look at those uber cool Hipster. across the street, lets bow down
#weed #hippy #jamjars #kooky #cool #ubbercool #peace
by LEANNA JADE PLATTS June 22, 2011
A non-productive member of society. Typically the offspring of two highly successful parents who live in places like Greenwich, Connecticut or the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the hipster is someone who has failed to achieve the level of success of his or her busy parents and tries to compensate for the insecurities that come with abject failure by conforming to a culture that claims to hate conformity. They shop at thrift stores and try desperately to shed their blue-blooded upbringing by wearing old, ratty flannel shirts and by bleaching and/or rubbing dead fish in their hair.
Person 1: Dude, have you ever been to an urban farmers' market?

Person 2: No, seeing all those hipsters makes me depressed about the future of our society.
#waste of life #annoying #you haven't heard of it #enfant terrible #organice produce bullshit
by Le Phénix June 22, 2011
Something you beat with a stick.
Person 1: lulz look at that thing. Is it a guy or something else? I can never tell.

Person 2: It's a hipster.

Person 3: *Beats it with a stick*
#hippies #counter-culture #emo #fags #potheads
by Theodore McStick June 06, 2011
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