This person also indicated as traditional hotness in women is looked down upon, well this is because none of the hipster women are hot; they're more like the girl who sat in the corner and read, while wearing polka dotted dresses and had the bad acne. (There is nothing wrong with that, I encourage intelligence in women, but putting down women for being hot is a sign of jealousy and insecurity, which we all know transcribed into the modern day hipster.) Let's not forget most of the males who deemed these women as unattractive (You know, swimsuit models and such) never had a chance with them in the first place. So now they proclaim the female hipsters are refreshingly unique, independent, and beautiful for their minds and beauty as an excuse to date plane janes with granny sweater fetishes.

This lack of success with the female gender transcribes into sexually confused, spineless effeminate males smoking the disgusting tasteless cigarette known as "Parliament cigarettes" while secretly wishing it was a cock in their mouth, due to their failure to develop any real game, and

hang out with a crowd of semi-lesbian bisexual women and men in an effort to get laid. After many nights of Pabst blue ribbon and reading books they don't comprehend, they hold hands together and go back to their apartment for bisexual sex. Men on men and women on women action, not knowing the reasons why.
"Look there goes another crowd of poorly dressed Hipsters who think they're more intelligent than everyone. Too bad they won't talk to me about Obama because I just bought a leather jacket from Gap."
by HipstersMustDie March 21, 2013
Someone whose fear of being labeled a conformist and obsession with being different closely parallels the fear of being labeled different and obsession with being mainstream of the person whom the hipster so vehemently despises.
A hipster will read this, realize it's true, and love it because it's ironic.
by Dontuseyourrealnametheysaid November 17, 2010
One who uses the word "ironic" but actually has no idea what it means.
Hipster: Look at this shirt, it's so ironic!
Dictionary: *throws itself at hipster's face*
by turd surgent May 05, 2011
One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the deck. The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns anything held dear by the mainstream. Ideally, a hipster posses body fat in the single digits.
I saw Eli Fuld riding his fixie the other day. How anti-mainstream of him. He's the only hipster in YU.
by Marky mArk 247 December 21, 2010
Noun - urban (or suburban import) dweller who goes to all the coolest clubs, listens to the coolest music, is into various aspects of the arts, including but not limited to street art, indie films, street displays, sticker art, etc.... A hipster also must know all the coolest other hipsters. If you have to ask what a hipster is, then you are definitely not a hipster. Hipsters have more music on their ipods then anyone they know, and all the bands are indie or underground.
Q: how many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: What, you don't know?
by Vinnie Chin September 18, 2007
A young adult who emigrates from a suburban or rural area to a major metropolis and sets about aggressively and semi-publically slipping and sliding up the steep learning curve of urban culture.
Two days ago I longed to be a hipster, yesterday I was a hipster, today I smile compassionately at hipsters.
by PAVI July 24, 2006
People who take themselves desperately seriously but vigorously deny it in order to be "ironic."
"Madonna is so clutch," the hipster opined. "She's so meta."
by AllisonDC July 29, 2006
...ha, like you'd know!
a hipster would commonly say something to the effect of:

seriously dude, don't ask me to explain my music to you, you wouldn't get it anyways...god i am going to go masturbate to Andy Warhol
by magzero41 August 25, 2009

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