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A beverage consumed primarily by hipsters. It consists of the hand-squeezed breast milk of organic, free-range, grain-fed soya beans. Hipster milk is free of all preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colors, and pretense. Hipster milk is certified green. Soya beans are not harmed in the production of hipster milk.
"Hipster milk on sale this week: $6 / 1L eco-carton."
by hipster_of_the_month February 06, 2013
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its what hipsters drink it is nonfat ,free-rang,vegan feed, organic sheeps milk with is drank through milk straws which are gluten free, all natural, preservative free, lactose free and low sugar
look at that baby drinking hipster milk, its parents must think normal milk is too mainstream
by thatstoomainstream January 01, 2012
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nonfat, free-rang. vegan organic sheeps milk
look at that hipster with there hipster milk he is such a hipster
by suchahipster123 December 29, 2011
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USDA Organic All-Natural Minimally-Synthesized Dairy from Local Hand-Fed Free-Range Sheep raised on a strict diet of soy and hazelnuts.
Magic Milk Straws work with all kinds of milk, whether it be Soy, 2%, 1%, or Hipster Milk.
by Tarjar3 January 11, 2013
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