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Some who is an advocate of anti climate change yet has a carbon footprint the size of Paris Hilton's.


To be sat in a coffee room in a university sporting a sticker on your thermos declaring ones support for reducing climate change whilst discussing the merits of having jetted off to Portugal and the Americas for the summer.
"see that girl with the sticker on her mug?... she's such a hippycrite."
by DrGibbo October 06, 2009
Someone who was a hippy in the 60's but now clings to religion to defend his selfish ideals.
George W Bush is a perfect example of a hippycrite
by REAL Hippie August 15, 2009
Want's to be someone there not.
Hippycrite, a person assuming to be a hippy , but wearing rubber shoes and smoking a cigarette.
by Jason Gendrolius August 11, 2006
liberals who overlook the extensive democratic shortcomings while pointing fingers at conservatives
Today's mainstream media is full of hippycrites.
by roadracer #517 July 11, 2009