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cool people who enjoy eating lentils and smoking weed. occasionally make the odd lentil casserole.
give the hippy his flowers back dude! whoa.... thats heavy man....
by nomio February 20, 2004
what charvs call ANYONE that isnt a charv. usually pre-fixed by 'fucking' or suffixed by 'whore'
girl on train: can I sit here?
charv: no... fucking hippy!
by mostexellent April 09, 2008
Probably the greatest thing ever to happen to the 1960's yes they smoked Marijuana and did LSD but their message of Peace and Love was the truth and also responsible for great events such as Monterey Pop and Woodstock which featured music legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Who
Hippies belive that Peace and Love is all we need and they are right
by AAO July 02, 2007
Man...you all need to chill out and stop thinking hippys are dirty,smoke pot all the time,and do all the saving and protesting becuase were just damn crazy for no reason.Look at yourself now..as your reading this..what have you ever done!..huh did you make a revolution?..did you save hundreds of innocent people from killing babies and cutting down oxygen supplies?..no see hippys are people who number one do take showers!..but the reason why half of us dont is becuase sociaty okay is a place of rude ignorant people..and sometimes if you really want to make a statement you half to do it no matter what cost its at..as long as it gets people ego going on hey why is he not taking a shower..and so forth going on telling his friends all about this strange dude walking around not talking a shower..a sign of no verbal protesting no voilence but just that things go into a contiual cycle.Ovicly making one think about what he just saw.And second of all hippys are not stupid and worthless..we get people..we understand them..thats why we make protestes and signs saying "make love not war"..you know some would say your old enoght to kill but not for votin..its true if you really understud how shity amerika is now days..we have no rights..but alittle more then we had back in late 50 and 60s..you want to know who gave you those rights..HIPPYS..we stud up to those pigs and told them hell no we wont go..we gave you civil rights..and guess what else..george washington use to grow pot and so did thomas jefferson...those were some awsome dudes..so if you all igonorant people had a life..you would use it..and travel the fucking world you would sit outside in your car in the middle of a field tokin up thinking wow man..look what i have..no matter if your poor no home no money even no car..still you have your life and thats what us hippys are..were alive for once..you should try to think that way
"Hands on my boobs feel better then the hands on a granade"

by shaggy420 March 28, 2006
a hippy is one that is known to smoke alot of weed in there day. usually they are asociated with the words love and peace. most of the time they belong to anti war groups. they are very pro choice.
that damn hippy always protesting and smoking weed.
by fuckme6789 August 05, 2008
People who were born in the early 50's, had a revolution somewhere in the 70's, traveled to San Fransisco to start a revolution. Now most participate in smoking American Spirit Cigarettes because it's "healthy", buying pot off us teenagers, complain about the atmosphere, and yet STILL drive their VW buses and bugs which do more damage to the air then most SUV's that they fight against.
Me: What can i get ya?
Hippy: Pack of American Spirits Additive free light's please.
Me: They have colors, not flavors.. what color?
Hippy: orange
Me: $4.59
Hippy: That's horrible, they should out law tobacco companies.
Me: What the hell would you do then?
Hippy: Stop smoking. Duh.
Me: I see, have a nice day..
:::hippy walks out of store, gets into VW bug, cranks it for 30 seconds, back fires, plume of smoke.. still smoking, hippy drives off:::
by Fat boy larry June 09, 2005
A movement that started in the 60's for people who sat on their asses with long hair and beards who smoked pot all day and were into peace and love
"Thats abunch of tree hugging hippie crap"
"Drugs are bad because hippies do drugs and hippies suck!"
by Kelly February 13, 2005