Vermin. Cosseted baby-boomers who expressed their generational feeling of inadequacy by toxic passivity, stale groupthought and, above all, moaning about anything and everything. Most of them have long since sold out, but they are still to be found here and there - many in suspended animation on 'soft' university courses, or in larger groups at tenth-rate music festivals in a state of drug-accelerated senility.
Some fucking hippy asked for directions to the university, so I sent him up Scotswood Road where he got filled in by a large gang of smackrats. Funny as fuck.
by Lord Grimcock January 08, 2008
Individual who believes that by consuming drugs and listening to music they're somehow changing the world and making a difference. Naive beyond all reason, devoid of logic, exercises echo chamber politics and usually a walking talking billboard of tired clichés. A fad that has been pumped so chalk full of marketing and doe eyed nostalgia it holds little more than a symbolic connection to the convictions the movement started out with. Should be put to rest like 70's disco or the dog your grandma just won't let die.
Your Humanities Professor.
by Lance Baxter July 18, 2005
The insufficiently washed who reject razors, dress for comfort and are given to sex on surfaces where the contraction of Lyme disease remains a threat.
Look at the bleary-eyed hippy guy wearing a skirt and making out with that girl with armpit hair.
by HellySchtev September 24, 2006
1)Rebellious member of the Baby Boomer generation who believed that they were cahnging the world by smoking weed and taking LSD. Some of these original hippies are now utterly insane, some grew out of it but most still practice some hippy behaviour patterns. Examples include smoking weed at dinner parties, listening to folk/world music and in extreme case establishing a Holistic Vetinerary Centre. These people are generally harm less but can become tiresome
2) Very sad young people who copy the hippy ideals of thier parents. For this hardened minority hippydom is a whole way of life which is taken very seriously. It takes perverse determination to be a hippy today and consequently this group are to be completly avoided. That is unless you enjoy listening to someone arguing that you can be a jewish buddhist or that there is a government conspiracy to stop the use of homeopathic medecine because it works too well.
3)Hippy is used as a term of abuse by townies, chavs and scallys to denote anybody who is not a member of their underclass and does not seem to be a goth
1) he earns a six figure salery but hes still a bit of a hippy. I hear he grows weed in his loft and gives it to the children instead of pocket money
2) She is an unbearable hippy. whenever music she likes comes on the radio she claps, sways and mumbles to herself
3) fukin 'ippy! ha ha ha
by Alex February 18, 2004
A person who is of the mistaken belief that crystals, rather than meat, give you energy.
The hippy fainted from the weight of the crystal hanging around his neck.
by SimonPiman July 10, 2008
looks like tarzan, walks like jane, and smells like cheetah.
jerry garcia, nick nolte and its obvious who else looks like a hippy
by Ch3f S4mwis3 November 14, 2009
Members of a wide-spread Western marketing demographic c.1967
This band has that hip and happening sound that will sell well with the hippies on the Haight.
by skimitar September 17, 2015
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