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Losers with long hair who smoke dope, drop acid, and listen to shitty bands like the beattles, hendrix, zepplin, and all that other shit from the 70's and 60's.
Hippy 1: I love Jimmy Hendrix I jack off to him man

Hippy 2: Whoa me too man
by GRRRRRRRR August 31, 2006
Hippies were invented in the 1960s, but nowadays they are usually just another example of a fashion victim. They go on about being different all the time, so it's surprising that they all have exactly the same tastes and ideas.

1) Hoopy socks, especially girl hippies, and brightly coloured clothes in general.
2) They believe anything that someone with dreadlocks tells them.
3) They are often vegetarian, or worse, vegan, in the misguided belief that this prevents cruelty to animals. They don't realise that vole populations are decimated when a field of corn is cut down, or that humans evolved to be omnivorous.
4) They love anything Eastern, and astrology, tarot cards, and anything else that they haven't taken the trouble to understand properly.
5) They often do martial arts, but can't fight properly. Like they kick you really slowly, so you can just grab their leg and pull them over.
6) Oh yeah and many of them love drugs and hero-worship Syd Barrett, even though he went totally mad from too much LSD.
7) They love lentils because they're so versatile.
My mate Lisa is cool, but she's such a goddamn hippy.
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004
someone who believes that freedom is paramount and that war should be abolished and evryone should just share the love man. three things that u must do to be a true hippy:

1) smoke a lot of weed ( sometimes coupled with dangerous amounts of alcohol)
2) listen to good music including techno /reggea and anything other than the usual cock-nonsense of todays society
3) wear bright ( and sometimes unwashed) clothes from local charity shop
random hippy:oh wow thats heavy man

other random hippy: yea totally man. spliff?

random hippy: yea man (and the vicious cyle begins again with another random hippy)
by lucky_lauren July 28, 2005
upper middle-class white kids who spend their parents' money on weed and spend their time cursing god because they were born into a life that billions struggle to attain.
Your opinions on world issues are meaningless, hippy.
by sammy zipdisk January 04, 2005
Anyone nomatter what time period who believes in peace and love.(Don't necessarily do drugs.)
by Melisa October 29, 2003
a hippie (plural hippies) are a subculture of people who are against the government and they aim to create a total collectivist society. If you have no clue what a total collectivist society is, read the book anthem by ayn rand. Hippies were first thought upon as gross disgusting anticapitalist morons. In todays society, being a "hippie" is cool. However, people today do not know the hippie ideals. They just do it for the fashion and believe whatever garbage is on the news. Hippies have no idea of what patriosim is.

PS. to the people who call me a "sheep" notice how many people are green and that im not green.
When my friend stepped off the bus comming home from Iraq, some old hippie in the crowd threw an egg at him. The hippie threw an egg at an american hero. If that american hero wasnt there as well as his brothers, planes would be crashing into american citys. hippies have no morals.
by usmc skin against sharps October 22, 2009
A music elitist wh is trapped in the 60's and/or 70's with a total lack of respect for the property of others. Usually enrolled in a shitty bumfuck nowhere college's liberal arts program and think of themselves as cool yet they live with their parents.
"I'm a fucking stupid hippy"
"Fucking hippies raided my fridge again!"
by Right-Wing Ass June 21, 2005
A person who belives that the environment is more important than anything else. They usually have lame hippie music festivals, which include lots of crappy hippy music, and large amounts of pot smoke. The most common hippy is the 'giggling stoner' which resides in attics/basements of their parent's houses, and of course, get stoned and giggle. They like to gather in drum circles in backyards, and if we're not careful, that drum circle could grow to be 4 miles in diameter and turn into a hippy music fest. They talk about saving the world, but the only thing they do is smoke pot and smell bad. They also like to throw blood on people to make a point about wearing leather.
Common things that a hippy says - "Oh man, this music is so crunchy!"

"Want some water laced with acid?"
by i hate vegetarians May 11, 2005