Losers with long hair who smoke dope, drop acid, and listen to shitty bands like the beattles, hendrix, zepplin, and all that other shit from the 70's and 60's.
Hippy 1: I love Jimmy Hendrix I jack off to him man

Hippy 2: Whoa me too man
by GRRRRRRRR August 31, 2006
A hippy is someone who prefers to be barefeet and can't stand sitting for too long. They are social justicely aware of their surroundings, and enjoy being in touch with nature. Someone who wears birkenstalks with socks, and drinks from a Nalgene is definitly a Hippy. They are beautiful.
Because she was Hippy, she cleaned up the mess that was left on the lunch table.
by nevergrowup March 14, 2005
Hickies that are found on the hip.
Look at the hippies my girlfriend gave me.
by Papa Jon November 09, 2010
people that think they are changing the world, by smoking pot, listening to horrible music (i.e, phish )never shower want to live off the government even though they don't like the gov't lazy play music all day, lazy bisexual person (esp) college students whose independence day is earth day and plant a tree and then go back to the rock they crawled beneath. hipies also refered to as wimps who have no respect for mankind and want to love everybody, yet they are the ones who create chaos by rioting and are for the foreigners...
4 kinds of hippies
1. your drum circle hippies
2. pot smoking hippies
3 college know it all hippies
4. your aging liberal douche hippies
hey look at those hippies

ha yeah he's a pussy fag
by robin cox May 21, 2009
A worthless member of society, they typically can be identified by lack of personal hygiene, carrying of picket signs, or by not eating meat at every meal. And also they love cancer.
My roommate James is such a hippy, she eats vegetables and complains about animals, and also she totally loves cancer.
by Kdore February 04, 2009
1.someone that likes the gratful dead, janis joplin, and hemp
2.someone that doesnt need much; just peace and pot
hippys were most common in the 60'2 and 70's
by from a hippy dad October 15, 2006
People who say they're trying to make a difference in the world, but all they ever do is smoke weed
frigging hippies stealing my flowers
by Anthony da pimp I. March 30, 2003
Someone who should stop bitching about everything, and get a job.
Man,you see that Hippy protesting at 1:00 pm on a tuesday?
by Bhesse June 09, 2006

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