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Losers with long hair who smoke dope, drop acid, and listen to shitty bands like the beattles, hendrix, zepplin, and all that other shit from the 70's and 60's.
Hippy 1: I love Jimmy Hendrix I jack off to him man

Hippy 2: Whoa me too man
by GRRRRRRRR August 31, 2006
Adjective used by the preps and/or jocks to describe things that they find cute or chic. In reality the items are cheap and or ghey . However a hippie is the word used to describe one who fits the 1960's hippie stereotype.
That bracelet is like a hippy.
I know I got it at abercrombie!
Even better!
by Kosher Boy May 30, 2008
A useless piece of shit mistakenly classified as a human being that accomplishes nothing even semi-important in life. These creatures live off of fast food and distribute illegal substances while protesting “The Big Cooperation.” Eventually if a college education in "basket weaving" is obtained, these useless beings will eventually develop into liberals then maybe even the well known and hated democrat.
Listen Hippy! Leave your Subaru or broken down buss, stop bitching, and get a real job! If you dont like our county get the fuck out!
by Jon Green December 03, 2006
a nappy ass person who smells like ass and weed
dan hendrickson is a dam hippy he should take a shower
by jake January 15, 2004
a group of stoned out 1960s beatniks with long hair and beards smoking enough hemp to make them scoff back a 6ft long sandwich and shout abuse at The Government for corrupting society
John Turner of 117 park rd, Dunedin
by Brother Number One December 08, 2003
Hippies are basically a very hypocritical bunch.

Based on sixties culture of sex and drugs. It was a way for alot of semi attractive guys to get laid by convincing women that they were shunning the garbs that society had put on them, then getting them wasted and evevtually pregnant.

The modern day equivalent involves being insanely self absorbed and selfish, bitching about the state of the world and its environment, whilst driving vehicles that use ridiculous amounts of fuel. Then surfing the internet and watching the TV, doing nothing useful and living off benefits.

They are complete bunch of pot smoking scum that need to be eradicated from the earth, if only for their terrible tie-dyed shirts.

In short they are cunts.
-Hey man what you're saying is really heavy.

-Oh for fuck's sake shut up you fucking hippy, here have some more cannbis.
by Tmacb May 24, 2005
An excellenrt scapegoat to blame all the troubles of the world and lame touchy feely stuff on.

Also can be used as a great insult.
Fucking hippies, and damn hippy-lame salads. If weren't for them I could park my car where the rain forest used to be.

Your such a fucking hippy.
by sick December 08, 2003
Hippies are peace loving, dick sucking, assholes. The think that no matter the enviroment should be saved at the expense of normal people. Normal places of sightings include: vegetarian cafes, Ralph Nader rallies, protests, San Francisco, Porltand, Oregon, Greenwich Village, New York, France, Europe, poetry readings, pot circles, shitty music festivals, gay bars, tied to trees, flag burning parties, Reed College, UC-Berkley, any college, and jail
Hippies Suck Ass Dude
by Allen Oh March 28, 2005