Losers with long hair who smoke dope, drop acid, and listen to shitty bands like the beattles, hendrix, zepplin, and all that other shit from the 70's and 60's.
Hippy 1: I love Jimmy Hendrix I jack off to him man

Hippy 2: Whoa me too man
by GRRRRRRRR August 31, 2006
Hippies are basically a very hypocritical bunch.

Based on sixties culture of sex and drugs. It was a way for alot of semi attractive guys to get laid by convincing women that they were shunning the garbs that society had put on them, then getting them wasted and evevtually pregnant.

The modern day equivalent involves being insanely self absorbed and selfish, bitching about the state of the world and its environment, whilst driving vehicles that use ridiculous amounts of fuel. Then surfing the internet and watching the TV, doing nothing useful and living off benefits.

They are complete bunch of pot smoking scum that need to be eradicated from the earth, if only for their terrible tie-dyed shirts.

In short they are cunts.
-Hey man what you're saying is really heavy.

-Oh for fuck's sake shut up you fucking hippy, here have some more cannbis.
by Tmacb May 24, 2005
A person who belives that the environment is more important than anything else. They usually have lame hippie music festivals, which include lots of crappy hippy music, and large amounts of pot smoke. The most common hippy is the 'giggling stoner' which resides in attics/basements of their parent's houses, and of course, get stoned and giggle. They like to gather in drum circles in backyards, and if we're not careful, that drum circle could grow to be 4 miles in diameter and turn into a hippy music fest. They talk about saving the world, but the only thing they do is smoke pot and smell bad. They also like to throw blood on people to make a point about wearing leather.
Common things that a hippy says - "Oh man, this music is so crunchy!"

"Want some water laced with acid?"
by i hate vegetarians May 11, 2005
Hippies are very beautiful People, the culture bloomed in the 60's when artists like Andy warhol, and musicians such as Joni mitchell, john lennon, the doors,Jefferson airplane, Butthole surfers took a hold and made it into the charts.... Woodstock would be the glastonbury festival of today... Hippies are recognized for their love of beautiful things, bright & psychedelic colours, peaceful lifestyles and look after the world and environment and their drug taking..... You cant have a Wannabe hippy as being a hippy just kinda happens...
Hippy's rock man,love and peace to all you guys keeping the culture alive....long live the acid wave and all things psychedelic
by Tululabell May 13, 2006
A liberal who reeks of forest and needs a haircut. Easily recognizable by the long hair and lack of money and motivation.
See that long haired man over there? He's a damn hippy.
by Rayeth July 05, 2005
Psychedelic mushrooms laced with Lsd
I ate a batch of hippies last week and was floating around in space with gorillas and 3d cubes.
by 420juggalo March 02, 2008
Someone who is large in the bottom area. Someone who's got a nice booty.
Often mistaken as hippie.
Damn, check out that girl there. She is hippy!
by Patr0ck April 18, 2006
Someone with broad hips.
I could never fit into your jeans, Mark. Damn these child bearing hips!
by lily March 01, 2004

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