all need to chill out and stop thinking hippys are dirty,smoke pot all the time,and do all the saving and protesting becuase were just damn crazy for no reason.Look at yourself your reading this..what have you ever done!..huh did you make a revolution?..did you save hundreds of innocent people from killing babies and cutting down oxygen supplies? see hippys are people who number one do take showers!..but the reason why half of us dont is becuase sociaty okay is a place of rude ignorant people..and sometimes if you really want to make a statement you half to do it no matter what cost its long as it gets people ego going on hey why is he not taking a shower..and so forth going on telling his friends all about this strange dude walking around not talking a shower..a sign of no verbal protesting no voilence but just that things go into a contiual cycle.Ovicly making one think about what he just saw.And second of all hippys are not stupid and worthless..we get people..we understand them..thats why we make protestes and signs saying "make love not war" know some would say your old enoght to kill but not for votin..its true if you really understud how shity amerika is now days..we have no rights..but alittle more then we had back in late 50 and want to know who gave you those rights..HIPPYS..we stud up to those pigs and told them hell no we wont go..we gave you civil rights..and guess what washington use to grow pot and so did thomas jefferson...those were some awsome if you all igonorant people had a would use it..and travel the fucking world you would sit outside in your car in the middle of a field tokin up thinking wow man..look what i matter if your poor no home no money even no car..still you have your life and thats what us hippys are..were alive for should try to think that way
"Hands on my boobs feel better then the hands on a granade"

#stoners #flower children #druggies #potheads #revolutionists
by shaggy420 March 28, 2006
Top Definition
someone who has a bright outlook on life and cares about the world instead of trying to ruin it. they are often member of groups such as greenpeace and antiwar groups that care about the environment.
they reject the established culture and are a subculture originating in San Francisco in the 1960s who advocated universal love and peace, usually had long hair and used soft drugs, usually listen to acid rock and progressive rock music, reggae music such as that of bob marley.
make love not war
by dead_x_star November 19, 2003
The hippy is a sex position where three guys are doing three girls doggy style while the girls are all making out. All the while, all three guys are fist pounding, thus resembling a peace sign.
I've got one goal in life. That's to do the hippy.
#sex position #sex #awesome #orgy #group sex
by THEdickhatch January 20, 2008
The counter-culture of the 1960's. They believe in equality, love, and peace. They are anit-war and pro-choice. These people are responsible for making the best music known to man. They also popularized recreational drug use.
Fuck the draft, man!
by BulletInTheHead January 02, 2005
a person who has a bright outlook on life. They are usually kind, gernerous, caring and loving etc. Most hippies do care about the environment and are willing to protect and/or improve it. They also have a peaceful presence about themselves. This means that their mind is in a peaceful state. However it should be noted that not all hippies do drugs. You can still be a hippy without the drugs.
That hippy cares about the environment.
#hippy #hippie #environment #peace #hippies
by Jen Wolters April 07, 2008
I’m sure at one point in time, hippies once stood for something. But none of that really matters now because the new wave of faux-hippies has completely trampled out any past achievements and set the whole movement back at least four-hundred years.

Your modern day hippie is a white, middle-to-upper-middle class 20-year old college student. He (or she) will drive a hybrid or some other “green” car that they own because their yippie parents bought it for them.

He will live in your local coffee/tea café and go on and on about western or eastern philosophy, depending on his personal bent, until blood shoots out of your ears. When he runs out of pretentious, grandiose questions to pose, he will proceed to make Noam Chomsky look like Rush Limbaugh with his political rhetoric.

He will probably hang out with homeless people to earn “street cred,” not realizing that these same people want nothing more than this hippie to have a seizure from too much LSD so they can make off with a wallet full of cash.

Words such as “word,” “chill,” and “dank” will be used. These three words will most likely even be used in the same sentence to describe Phish to someone. He will treat the police like shit because the police are “the man” and more importantly, “the man who stole my drugs.”

What a shame that all of these free spirits will one day be shackled down with corporate jobs, wearing tailored suits, (and Jerry Garcia ties) telling their uninterested kids how awesome they once were.
Hippies: "We should do as Buddha taught and shed our worldly possessions."

Normal Guy: "Okay. Get rid of your North Face jackets."

Hippies: "..."
#hippie #dirtbags #hypocrites #hippies #neo-hippie #peace
by Tavis February 15, 2010
someone who does not believe in the need for violence, money or commercialism. often misrepresented as lazy and dishonest, or confused wih mystics (who believe in all the sh*t faery stuff). very often to be found on anti-war protests, legalisation of cannabis marches etc.
example of a hippy phrase: perform random kindness and senseless acts of beauty
by riffraff May 02, 2004
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